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Defeating Temptation

Updated on February 1, 2016

Defeating Temptation

Defeating Temptation

Watch out! Temptation coming through,
Be vigilant and brisk for it might attack you.
Be prepared for a vigorous fight,
For this battle might require your puissant might.
Let your faith be unfaltering,
For by now this battle is already starting.
But before everything else, always recall praying,
That He may guide you while your battling.
Arm your battle stations for temptation is at hand,
And fret not, for our battle tactics had been planned.
Evade gazing on temptation’s bait,
Elude promptly, before it’s too late.
Show no fear, neither a single sigh
For the devil does not sit idly by.
Cease to glance on temptation’s alluring dent,
Constantly heed upon God’s firm commandment.
Alas! Temptation’s tactics has failed,
Truly, my God have prevailed.
Oh, the whiff of the piquant aroma of victory,
What a marvelous sight of God’s glory!
I owe it all to Him above,
The guidance bestowed to me with love.
I know that life is full of precarious temptations,
Full of dark and barren castigation.
Striving to escape this sweet ecstasy,
The angels will rejoice in Heaven with their psaltery.
It is at this time, we must firmly stand,
Never hearken to the world’s command.
Be vigilant, be sober, the Word of God says,
Do not linger on temptation’s enticing caress.


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