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Defend What You Believe

Updated on December 23, 2013

I chose to walk another way
let's not pretend
I have no regrets
there is never a reason to lose
if I know my destiny is to win.

Fought my way through the illusions
the deceptions built in front of my eyes
Found myself deaf to the useless words
that would only bring a dead end.

Defend what you believe
is it really what I or you believe in the end
there is a difference where you and I stand
It's what I know is my destiny
why would I leave my fate in your hands
our beliefs will never blend
I will never lose my way again
no matter what you said in the end.

I have nothing to dread
the gossip that spreads
the rumormonger
whispering words under your breath.

I have a faithful heart
courage becomes a brave warriors
vice along the way
fear is never allowed to enter in
the words you flip between your lips
the ill intentions you send.


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