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Updated on January 13, 2017

The sun rises in the East sets in the West,
The day is for work and night is for rest,
The summer is to enjoy the heat,
The winter the temperature beat,

The thirst of the land is quenched by the rain,
To go from one destination to another you use the train,
Criminals are meant to be in jail,
To entertain readers is written every tale,

Their fragrance along with the wind, the flowers sway,
Directions are meant, so travellers don't wander astray,
Two adversaries, light and dark, locked in a clash,
For co existence and dominance do they claw and bash,

Every thing in this world, had their roles embraced,
And this is the biggest problem humans face,
With their heart like fire, and mind cold as ice,
With both the kindness to heal and the anger to slice,

To find answer to this question they to farthest places roam,
Never realising the answer to all their question resides within their hearts, within their home,
All they needed to do was take a deeper look inside to shine,
And they would've found the answer on how to themselves define....


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