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Defining Beginnings

Updated on March 22, 2013
Joy of Childhood from Etolane Source:
Joy of Childhood from Etolane Source:

Defining Beginnings

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Childhood is such a precious commodity,

the memories of which guide our lives in grounding,

and those early relationships instil expectations,

and the acceptance of human potential.

In adulthood we so often discount those naive years,

those harsh lessons and exhilarating discoveries,

each one like paint layers on a canvas,

one day to become a complete picture of a life.

Heartbreak, falling in love, winning and losing,

all scars on young flesh remain a lifetime,

and teach us how to behave, how to respond,

in a contentious and often an unfair world, seemingly.

The key to who we are is always found in childhood,

the very beginnings of acceptance and response,

when who we are was untainted by experience,

and truth was only skin deep.

Nurture and the ability to love was taught in childhood,

as we were treated and cared for, we so learned to be,

and as we grew our relationships prospered or failed as a consequence,

and we learned what we needed.

When we look upon our own children, we should see ourselves,

and what more we want for our children,

in aspiring to be the bringer of truth and love,

and truly defining beginnings.


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