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Delicate Words

Updated on June 26, 2013

Delicate Words

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

It is delicate words that inspire most, placed with loving minds and eloquence in limitless patterns, the complexities of which reach into the reader’s mind and seduce like a siren’s call. These phrases and expressions beguile the emotions and trigger the imagination to greater heights of exploration. They open possibility and raw images to imbue the soul and to enliven the depths and capacity of thought.

Words themselves are the carriage of single letters linked in a sacred foundation, the muse of clever minds that reach for the intimacy of connection and for shared understanding. The artist takes these symbols and paints a blank canvas with simplicity, but what emerges is the harmonious and intricate expression of what is yet to be understood. The soul is pleasured by a puzzle new, an insight into another world of being, and all because of words.

It is the delicate nuances of inference and suggestion that sparks a mind to consider alternatives, resulting in doubts and teased by the writer’s intent. Like a fish on a hook, the reader struggles for perception, each word and thought like a box to be stacked in place, and ticked as understood. But other levels emerge, twisting outcomes and disclosing plots unconsidered. These words soar like a bird, high above the crusted earth, elusive and in a pure state of freedom. They refuse to be accepted, the box no resting place for them. These words are swings words, able to transform, their intentions undiscovered. Double entendres and quips of misleading intent give depth to the reading and capture the reader’s heart.

Simple words given placement can disarm the expected and flutter like a butterfly with broken wing. The reader, reaching out to touch the fragility of life is captured by heart, and the butterfly transforms to an eagle, taking flight into the endless blue. Into the torrents of emotion the reader is driven, frantic, searching for truth. Words can disarm, perplex, seduce and shock, their intent the secret quest of their creator. They can be meek, delicate, strong and oppressive, all with the simple stroke of a pen and by the hand of a magician.

Delicate words imbue our hearts to relive sentiments passed, to wallow in nostalgia and the remembrance of all that both pains and delivers us to a blissful experience. Words are cutting like the sharpest blade, loving like the sweet caress of infatuation and empowering with truths so illuminating we can barely hold sanity.

To a writer words are breath, the undeniable foundation of a soul’s intent. Words cannot exist without the subtle hand of the writer, constructing thoughts brick by brick, word by word, into monuments of lasting meaning and statement. The mortar that holds it all in place, the experiences of life, the suffering and the triumph of being and what it is to be human.

We are the magicians of word, the architects of freedom and the custodians of language, we are writers. How I love delicate words, words of grace and complexity; the world is fodder for my thoughts, and words the colours on my brush.


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