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Depression- A Poem

Updated on April 10, 2012

Running with the Dog

Tony DeLorger (18/4/07)

I wake, pale and despondent,

Driven to cringe within the shallows of my bed.

Blackness cloaked in fear unites above,

Oppressive dreams from the depths of torture.

Thoughts stifled at every turn,

Running with the dog.

Vague blessed attempts at function,

Are swayed to release a muddled mind.

To struggle frantic in the drowning pool,

Gasping for air in a noxious fog,

Running with the dog.

Commonsense prevails upon me,

To push through those tortuous lies.

To lay waste to that incessant dialogue,

That betrays me and beats me senseless,

Running with the dog.

Finger by clawed finger I rise,

To see the world above the cloud.

Unwilling to compromise life for pain,

I allow light and my strangled hope to remain.

The dog, with lead in mouth, sits and waits.


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    • lieslgarner profile image

      lieslgarner 7 years ago from Ashland, OR USA

      Well done - and I'm so glad you have a faithful dog that wants to get you out moving to help you cope.