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Depression- Feeling Alone

Updated on January 28, 2012

Depression - Feel Alone

Depressed: Feel Alone

How serious depression can be or become…My personal experience with depression can derive from many experiences one goes through. Past abusive experiences, finances, feeling betrayed by those in your life that you felt you could trust. Many people experience depression at some point in their life. There are many who can just bounce back take things as they are and they can be fine. Other’s well, depression can hold a person so captive that they feel that there is no way out; or are overwhelmed with feeling that there are no options to the gripping feeling of this psychological and many times crippling episode.

Depression can be one of the hardest things to overcome without the help of professional’s, especially when a person has some type of mental illness. Question’s to consider can sometimes determine this: Does the depression derive from internal biological inherited sources? Or is it something external meaning loss of family, finances, or an experience of just every day misfortunes?

Whatever the case may be, depression can really take a toll on a person’s mind causing confusion, feeling out of touch from the realities of the world around them, isolation, eating disorders, alcohol abuse as well as drug abuse and many other symptoms…It is different for everyone but most symptoms are very similar…My own personal experience has been severe due to internal and biological factors. See my mother had severe depression, so severe that she actually committed suicide. Due to mistreatment, physical abuse as an adult and tragic losses of family and partners due to unfortunate death’s caused by other’s.

So sad…due to depression she had made several actions of suicide…As an adult depression is and can be severe if not dealt with immediately. With depression you can start on the top of a hill and then it can go downhill very quickly if not dealt with. The sad thing is that when depression is severe suicide is usually what that person thinks is the only way out. I am here to say that suicide is not the way out and many who are struggling with depression are usually very good at keeping that secret to themselves feeling that they are the only one’s experiencing this crippling illness. I know I was good at it. Pretending to have it all together in front of people always thinking, “I can’t wait to be alone to do whatever I could to hide it and self-medicate my battle with depression.” Believe me the longer you hide it, the worst it becomes. If you know you are experiencing depression I would encourage you to reach out to someone you trust or seek out psychiatric or psychological services.

Depression is a dangerous illness to try to overcome alone because it usually brings you down to the most hopeless and I give up feeling. Where your thinking is no longer sound but warped with unimaginable ways of dealing with it, causing decisions that you can or will regret later if not dealt with as soon as possible. Just my thought’s based off of personal experiences.

“ A strong will creates a strong mind, a strong mind creates a strong will. Having a will to live life and enjoy it no matter what comes your way is a healthy start in overcoming life and the misfortunes that it entails. Life is a gift, life is precious that is not meant to be lived alone but is to be shared and affects all those who love and care about us” by Monica Ortega


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  • monicaortegamon profile image

    monicaortegamon 5 years ago from Ontario, california

    You are very right in what you say...I hope to continue in sharing my experiences that they may help others.

  • profile image

    Website Examiner 5 years ago

    I have previously read about the different types of depression, including "clinical depression." I think maybe this is becoming more widely known, that such depression is beyond the person's ability to overcome it alone. It is a frightening prospect. But from what I understand, there is help to find with proper treatment.

    You are doing a good thing by sharing your personal experiences with readers.