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Deputy Goes to the Beach

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

The Deputy Believed No One Would Miss Him

One hot summer afternoon a deputy decided to take a break from his job since it wasn't raining. He drove his police vehicle over a bridge and through a steep ramp. He found himself in an entangled net and felt his actions would be justified; though he had clocked out for lunch earlier than his appointed time.

No one will miss me; he thought to himself. as he decided to call a family member to reminisce about the good old days! He also desired to know what his best friend was cooking for dinner.

This is going to be a spectacular day at the beach he thought! He smiled as he glanced at his reflection in the cloudy water. This is going to be a great day-off from work! Hopefully, I won't be making News Headlines today!

At the Beach the Deputy Sat By the Seashore to Think

Mister Deputy sat by the seashore on a bench to contemplate his recent actions. Out of the blue, a cherished poem came to his mind!

When there is a darling hope there lives a true wish.

I pray, a dark cloud vanishes before a starry night.

After dark, the morning will turn into a brilliant sky.

Please, place me by the burning candle of a sandy sun that's full of love for a fresh, golden tan.

So my silliness may be turned into an agape, where someone other than me can understand the phantoms of my life.

The Deputy Remembered an Incident That Happened Eons Ago

While the deputy was reminiscing, he recalled a joyous incident that happened a long, long time ago during his childhood years. Every weekend or so, his parents' friends would come over for fun, to eat, drink and listen to the dance music of Salsa.

Little did his mom know, the children of the house, who were sleeping would learn to speak Spanish one day. They became excessively intelligent, and dad tested them one glorious spring morning.

The Deputy Received a Harsh Punishment for His Actions

The deputy had used the potty in the basement and purposely didn't flush it. He was simply nine years old at the time

His ruthless dad strolled into the basement that night and asked his children, "Who used the latrine?"

"Not me said Emily," for she was afraid of receiving a harsh punishment! And so she cried, "My little brother used the potty!"

The deputy's little brother said, "I honestly didn't use the potty that morning, Mom."

His mother cried, "If you tell the truth children, you won't be punished!"

Therefore, the deputy decided to tell the truth, and said, "I used the potty today and forgot to flush."

And his dad still gave the poor deputy a terrible punishment. It didn't matter whether he had told the truth or not! His tearful mom reacted passively, and then she divorced his father within three years. She believed he was too rough with the children. She felt she could do a better job raising the children on her own without their father.

The Deputy Was Overwhelmed with Sadness

The confused deputy was wrought over his parents’ divorce; except, there was nothing he could do about it, though his siblings welcomed the idea. He loved his dad and wanted to build strong ties with him, but he always confused him with his terrible disciplinary actions. This caused a void within the deputy's heart that caused him to doubt everything he did. He could not discern the difference between what was right or wrong.

Every day became a ceaseless battle for the deputy. He lived his life searching for the truth and simple answers in everything. He was never at peace and needed to seek action often!

The deputy has been fighting against telling lies ever since that beating he received from his dad. He fibbed cause it was the right thing to do, though he had taken heed from his mamma, to tell the truth.

What a story for a deputy's nightmare, especially on the day he decided to take off from work to relax. He was searching for a reprieve and peace and found none! Sad memories were eating him alive!

No wonder he decided to become a policeman to figure it all out! He never knew what to do or could discern when someone was telling the truth because of his upbringing. His dad should have never spanked him for telling the truth. This flaw caused a confusion within the deputy and nothing could break its spell.

I Would Never Be Able to Handle the Responsibilities of a Deputy.

I am sure glad I am not a deputy!
I am sure glad I am not a deputy! | Source

When a Real Deputy Goes to the Beach...

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© 2013 Sheila Craan


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