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Destinies Apart; Can We Bridge The Gap Between Our Split Soul

Updated on September 12, 2015

My name is Annalayne Leeah Gaylen. I've always known this. The strife and struggle of my people, the Dregorians. We are one of three cleric clans that reside near the Crimson waterfall. The waterfall was named for the red dust that washes off the Brillian Flower, which in turn makes the water appear a dark red. My mother use to tell me that long ago it use to never be that way. All the clans were united; the mage clans, the wizard clans, the cleric clans, the necromancers, the paladins, and even the ever growing clan of hybrids. They were all united and the waterfall never ran red.

I can still remember believing that as a child. I somehow thought the red was indicative of the blood that flowed when our clan members were struck down and this was a way for us to never forget. Then I grew up and realized the real reason. Such a great story for children. Even though it was a story, I realize how very real it was and continues to be.

There are four mage cleans, two wizard clans, three cleric clans, but the necromancers and hybrids are scattered along the countryside. The paladins of Valedon have their own sanctuary. Then there are the Dark Knights of the Veil in Tridon. The dark knights always kept to themselves though, as they were not much for comradery.

It's hard for me to fathom that at one point in time we were united. So much hate and bitterness is now all that exists between us. My father would tell stories of Freydon, the beautiful city where the King resided. The city was a beautiful medley of different races and clans. It was a sight to behold, he would say. People from all over would come there to trade and sell their wares. That hadn't been the case since my father was just a young boy.

I never knew King Journ Bandlen, but I heard all the wonderful stories about him. How he was a gracious and fair ruler. Sometimes though, you can be too gracious and people mistake that and abuse it. That is exactly what happened to him. Trusting the wrong people, namely his brother. Ters Bandlen, Journ's brother, wanted the crown which was obvious to many. Ters set things in motion, pitting the clans against one another. The atrocities that were being committed were of his own doing and not of the clans, but yet hatred ensued. Blind justices were being delivered and the chaos began. Tearing each other apart, playing right into his hands until that fateful day happened. Ters killed his brother, Journ, and threw accusations up into the air about which clan it might have been. Nothing was ever the same.

Amidst the chaos, Ters grabbed the helm and assumed the title of King. As soon as that power play was made, many of us saw the bigger picture. Only a handful of people cared to stop fighting against one another to direct their aggression towards Ters.

Rumor has it that he made a pact with Draizen, the God of Deceit, Thievery, and Despair. What the specifics of that pact are no one knows. Not many were eager to entertain the thought of going against him due to the powers he gained upon the time he assumed control. There was only one hope of ever regaining control of all the realms of Valeria, but it was merely a child's tale, or so I thought. As the story goes there will be one amongst us that will have the powers of all combined and will rejoin the clans. It is said they will bear the mark, Destiny's Mark.

My name is Kinzyen Mizori Drogen. I'm a paladin of Valedon. I'm always doing what's right or what is deemed just and moral. This code I live by has its purpose in life. I steer clear of the other clans because nothing good ever comes of it. However, my run in with a cleric has got me thinking. I was brought up hating the other clans but I don't know anymore.

I was out hunting when I got jumped by a necromancer. He had the element of surprise and caught me off guard. As he was inflicting a sickness upon me I was saved by someone I never met before. She came from the tree line and shielded me. Upon smiting the necromancer, she turned to heal me. I remember looking up at her through fevered eyes. Why was this cleric saving me? The clans do not help one another, so why was she helping me?

After I healed completely, I asked her name. She told me it was Annalayne. I was taken back by her. She asked me if I was okay. When I told her yes, she got up to leave. I asked her not to leave, but she said she had to. I saw her run off and never got to thank her. Should I thank her? I haven't stopped thinking about her since. I wonder if I'll ever see her again.

I was informed our clan was making a huge move and will be forming an alliance with Ters. It was said to be the best option strategically, but I don't feel that way. I wonder if that will play out for the best, but deep down inside I know it won't.

Will Ters succeed in destroying all the clans in his pursuit to eliminate any possible opposition? Will Annalayne and Kinzyen's path ever cross again? If so, will they be on opposite sides? Will the prophecy really come to fruition? Or will Valeria be torn apart by all the hate and bitterness?


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