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Updated on June 13, 2014

He stared into the horizon as thoughts of suicide occurred to him for the first time. Even the cloudy sky appeared to be waiting to unleash its rage on him. He felt the ice-cold ocean breeze as it swept across his warm, bloody face. As he stood on the edge of the promontory he could hear the ocean waves crashing onto the rocks. They became more violent by each drop of his blood falling into them. As he considered his misfortune, the sky started shooting rain drops at the speed of bullets. The drops seeped through his cuts and wounds. He didn’t mind the burn and pain; he didn’t have anybody to live for anyways. He gazed at his wounds and realized that he hadn’t fought harder for anything in his life before. The huge scar across his face, the knife wound in his thigh, the bullet wound in his chest, and many more. It was the least he could do for her, his one and only love. Tears started to descend down his cheeks as his life started to descend down to the Underworld. His only life had been snatched away from him. He was an orphan; they took everything: his joy, his happiness, and his beloved. He just stood there waiting for God to rid him from this feverish and filthy world.

* * *

It was December 29, 1920, the day everything went wrong. Kyle Blue, a normal middle-class man, woke up to the beautiful sound of his niece’s voice, reminding him that his wedding was today. Bright, yellow sunshine shone through the window and gave him a good feeling that this day would be to be the best day of his life. He leaped out of his bed to get ready. He might have been late for everything else in his life but it wasn’t going to happen now.

* * *

As he waited for the pastor to read everything his eyes locked in with hers. Her eyes sparkled like a diamond that just finished getting polished. Her rosy red cheeks reminded him of fresh roses blooming. Her lips, well those would be tested as soon as this pastor got these hymns over with. She had been the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. Her curly, chocolate, brown hair curved in just the right direction and amounted to the most beauty he had ever seen in his life. As the pastor finished up reading their vows, he got ready for the kiss. This was his moment. He leaned over, and suddenly a burst of air went by. CRACK! A bullet flew past him and shattered the portrait of his parents in the background. He recognized the faces of those mobsters. He knew he wouldn’t have much time to escape, so he took one last glance at her and they both fled.

As Kyle and his wife ran for their lives, the most important moments of his life recurred in his brain. One second, he was running for his life and then he skidded on the ground. His knee bled and couldn’t go any farther. He could sense that death was coming to usurp him.

* * *

A couple days ago, he went to the bar with his brother on the joy that he got engaged. They drank for the first time till they couldn’t see anymore. On their way out, they bumped into someone who was with a gang of people. They guy told him to apologize but Kyle’s brother who apparently drank too much said no. The guy then took out his supposedly concealed gun and told them to say sorry, again. But Kyle’s brother still denied. A quarrel broke out and resulted in his brother getting shot and then killed. Kyle escaped since he knew he had to get to safety before they tried to kill him as well. He knew that they would be back out for him to get rid of all eye witnesses and evidence of their killing.

* * *

He prepared to fight for his life. The sun sneered at him as though it knew he had no chance. He fought and fought till he injured them all except for their leader. The leader, a seven foot tall giant, took him by the head and chucked him on the ground. Then instead of taking Kyle, he reached and took his wife. Kyle started to run to stop him but the rest of the gang who recovered came and halted him in his tracks. She screamed for help. The leader took her to the van. Kyle cursed and tried to fight back. Then, suddenly his wife’s screams ceased. It couldn’t be. The leader came back and smirked. Tears trickled out of Kyle’s eyes and he collapsed. They kicked him continuously until an impression of him got imprinted in the rough, hard ground. Then they took him into an old, metallic black car and drove all the way to the promontory at the edge of town. There they thrashed him some more and threw him and his wife at the edge. He gaped at all the abrasions and detriments that she had endured before she passed away.

He couldn’t bear this torture any longer. He sat down on the cliff and wondered. This morning he woke up to the beautiful sound of his niece, and the same night, he was going to die to the violent sound of waves crashing against the half eroded rocks. The pale horizon started to go down and each centimeter it went down, Kyle felt as if a little part of his life was being sucked out of him. As his heart beat slowed down, the ocean waves calmed down. His wounds became numb. As he waited for that moment, it happened. The dusty gray rocks below them started to slip from the weight they were supporting. The feeble cliff started to crumble. It started an avalanche. The edge broke off and Kyle Blue and his wife cascaded into the calm ocean waters.

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© 2014 Praneeth Inspire


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