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Destiny's Play: A Story in a Greek Myth Context (1)

Updated on March 30, 2020
Syeda Sardar Fatima profile image

Lecturer:English Language Student: M.phill in English Literature Writer:Children's Literature,Short Story Writer Hobby:Book Reading, Mov

The article carries a disclaimer about the characters and the places bearing no link and relation to the historical figures and actual places. They are fictional and imaginary, even the presence of Greek gods and goddess is meant for plot construction.

Pericles Pursues the Potter

The story begins in the context of those ancient times, when a beautiful city of Antheles was ruled by a piteous and humble king, Pericles. The king not only ruled over the city, but also on the hearts of its citizens. The people of Antheles were happy to have him as their king because they were leading prosperous and contented lives.

One day, Pericles, along with his counselor kinsman, Dimitris and some of his attendants, was on his way for hunting. Pericles loved hunting more as a competitive training of war rather than a stylized pastime of the aristocracy. With the slow gradual motions of the horses, leaded by Pericles and Dimitris, the cavalcade was proceeding towards its search. Dimitris, suddenly, caught a hunt but the king avoided it.

"Oh mighty king of Antheles! My observation says you always look for your hunt very shrewdly, but your quietness makes me restless, my king."

"My noble Dimitris! My mind is absolutely not thinking about the hunt." In fact, we're out not for the hunting today."

"May i know, your highness where are we moving head, then?"

"Thirty miles away from the East Antheles, there is a small town, Patras. There lives an old potter, Artemis. He displays the finest of his profession when pottery."

"Are we going to pursue that potter, my lord?"

"You are right, Dimitris." The old Artemis beautifully transforms a lump of mud into useful pots." Order the attendants to spread in the town after thirty miles, and find the old potter, Artemis."

"My lord!" Dimitris humbly obeyed the order and delivered the king's massage to the attendants."

After the thirty miles, the attendants spread around, while Pericles and Dimitris continued moving in the straight direction. A few minutes later, Pericles pointed to stop in front of a hut. The beautiful clay pots and utensils were scattered in the garden, outside the hut exhibiting Artemis' ardor of work and devotion of lifetime.

"Magnificent! " Pericles mumbled." This is my destination, Dimitris. You just go back and collect the attendants at the point where they dispersed." I'll meet you there."

Dimitris left the king alone. Pericles dismounted and stood before the hut.

"Here's that place, where once the sublime authority of my kingship was challenged." The blind prophet downgraded my powers exaggerating his own superhuman qualities." Pericles lost in the memories of the past.

Apollo's Prophecies and Pericles' Challenge

Pericles visions his twenty-six year past visit at the same place:

Pericles was standing before the hut demonstrating the grandeur of his personality. He was captivated to see the sculptures and various ceramic wares made by the potter.

"He's an amazing man! I must meet him and appreciate his talent." Pericles walked through the garden. He was enchanted by the skills of the potter. While Pericles was lost in the beauty of the pottery, he was disrupted by the crying of an infant. Pericles looked around. The sound of the baby's crying was coming from the inside of the hut.

"A newly born, I guess!" Pericles mumbled and tracked the sounds. He stood before the door of the hut to knock.

"You're right, Pericles, The newly crowned king of Antheles." The potter's wife has given the birth to a child." Pericles turned around and saw an old man was coming to him. Pericles examined the old man.

"I know everything, Pericles." Your thoughts and imaginations are quite clear to my insight,"

"Who are you, old man?"

"I'm Apollo's Prophet."

"How should i believe it?"

"Your thoughts are my capture."

"Just because i stood before the door to knock"

"You're the newly crowned king, Pericles."

"Even every child of my kingdom knows."

"You always loved hunting."

"It has always been a favourite pastime to every king."

"Haven't you lost your attendants?"

"Maybe you have spied on me."

"Has he fathered a son or a daughter?. Have you learnt this, my young king?" Pericles was now speechless and getting perplexed.

"I was about to knock to inquire when you appeared."

"This is the thing i'm trying to make you believe, my king." I know without quiries, knocking and spying on others. He's fathered a son and named him Calypso."

"I've been given the powers to tell about the things of future."

"You must be a fortune teller." They foresee and predict about the future."

"You are still hard to believe in my miraculous powers."

"Make me believe in it, old man." I want to believe."

"I am a blind prophet of Apollo, our god of prophecy. I am going to tell you things you must believe one day. I'll tell you the fortune of the infant."

"The Moirai, our goddesses of destiny, has preordained the life of the infant. He'll have the last day of his life when he'll get married. At the night of his marriage, he will be preyed by a lion and no power of any kingship of this world would be able to protect him and provide him a safeguard."

"The servicemen will kneel in front of the altar and pray to Karatos, the god of power, but it will go vain." The archery of your infallible bowmen will go wrong. You'll see before you the dead Calypso, his wife and also a dead beast."

"At that time you'll believe the blind prophet." The old man repeated it again while moving back. He crossed the entrance gate and disappeared leaving Pericles in a mystifying state.

"During our whole conversation, I really couldn't guess the old man was blind." But wait Pericles...What did he say? No power of any kingship of this world would be able to protect him and provide him a safeguard."

"It's a challenge; a challenge to the superiority of my crown, my kingship and to my dominance." The old has underestimated a king's unlimited powers." If it is so, then I accept your challenge, the old man." I'll be a saviour of the boy. I, the king of Antheles, will change the destiny of the boy and no power of any fake prophecies will be able to stop that."

To be continued...

© 2020 Fam


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    • Syeda Sardar Fatima profile imageAUTHOR


      44 hours ago

      Thank you Jacqueline

    • Jacqueline4390 profile image

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

      45 hours ago from Memphis

      Very nice read!

    • Syeda Sardar Fatima profile imageAUTHOR


      2 days ago

      Thank you Margret for reading my article.

      I'm trying to roll up the story to make it original & interesting while using my source of knowledge about Greek mythology.

      Among my most inspiring sources is Oedipus Rex. I love that play & the tragedy of the king, Oedipus but here, in my story, Pericles is not going to get any tragic loss. He just tries to change the circumstances under the power of his kingship.

      Stay blessed

    • Margaret Pan profile image

      Margaret Pan 

      2 days ago from Athens

      I'm half-Greek and I love anything that has to do with my country's mythology! This is an original and interesting read!

    • Syeda Sardar Fatima profile imageAUTHOR


      3 days ago

      Thank you Hansen! I'm working hard on it to finish it in the next episode. Thanks for your comments.

      Stay healthy & safe!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 days ago from Queensland Australia

      This was an interesting read Fam. I love those beautiful images you included as well.


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