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Detective Krish – Mr Roy’s Case Chapter 2 The Maid and the Gardner

Updated on September 10, 2014

Chapter 2: The Investigation is on

Inspector Raj asked Detective Krish whom he would like to interrogate at the first instance, to this Detective Krish mentioned that he would like to start with Mrs Roy. He added, “It is possible that she is disturbed, yet please request her that her presence is most required. The statement she makes will have a greater impact on the proceedings.”

In no time Mrs Roy was in the room. Head Constable had left the room to enquire about the progress of the post mortem report. Krish had specifically asked for the same when Inspector Raj was away to request Mrs Roy to be at the room.

Mrs Roy was looking disturbed, Detective Krish knew that he wasn’t to go deep yet he would have to get the correct information.

She sat down on a chair facing Detective Krish and Inspector Raj sat adjacent to the table in way he could see both of them.

Detective Krish was the first to break the silence, “Mrs Roy I am sorry about your loss, please accept my deepest condolences.”

She controlled her tears and closed her eyes for a moment before she responded, “Yeah I am sorry too. But then I understand to help us with the statement your investigation is necessary, so let us proceed.”

Detective Krish knew this was a delicate situation and it was very kind of Mrs Roy to be there for the interrogation. He knew he could not ask sensitive questions but then he had to ask the right questions.

Detective Krish asked her, “I would like to know what happened this evening?”

Mrs Roy replied, “I was in my room reading a book, this is when I heard the gun shot. I rushed out of the room and saw Bimal entering his room and locked the room from the inside. I ran towards the room when I heard Padma our maid scream and saw her rushing out of Mr Roy’s room. I ran up the steps and … and…” she started stammering and could not control her tears thereafter. She tried to speak but was unable to.

Detective Krish immediately realised that he had not asked the correct question, he told her “I am really very sorry Mrs Roy; I think you should take some rest and I will speak to you a little later. Here please have some water.” He offered her a glass of water kept in front of him.

She accepted the same and drank a few sips; she tried to her best to be normal but was unable to control herself. She said, “I am sorry I am …” she could not speak further as her sighing did not allow her to continue.

Detective Krish got up from his chair and requested Inspector Raj to escort her to her room, he added looking towards Mrs Roy, “I am really very sorry Mrs Roy, I understand your situation, I will speak to you later.”

Mrs Roy replied, her voice was mellowed down, “That is fine, I understand you have pressures to deal with. I will speak to you soon, please give me some more time.” Her voice was now cracking, “I hope you understand my losses.”

Detective Krish was quick to know what she meant, she had already lost her husband and as per evidence her son was to be convicted too. It was more than one loss for her. He replied, “Thanks for understanding Mrs Roy. I really appreciate the fact that you have come down and sat hear however brief the stay was. Let me know when you are fine to speak to. No pressures from my end please take your own time. The Press can wait and we too can wait a little more time.”

Mrs Roy left he room after thanking Detective Krish, Inspector Raj accompanied her until the door after which Mrs Roy preferred to go self.

Inspector Raj and Detective were back at the table when the Head Constable walked in. He mentioned that the Reports will be out in another 30 minutes and at the same time they had managed to get in touch with cook as he responded on his landline. He mentioned that the cook was shocked to hear about Mr Roy and was immediately on his way for the interrogation.

Detective Krish asked Purohit the Head Constable, “In how much time can we expect him here?”

To this Head Constable Purohit responded, “He said that he will be here in 30 minutes.”

Inspector nodded his head and turned towards the Inspector, “Well so we have some time in the meantime we get other details.”

Detective responded, “Yeah that gives us time to interrogate the maid and the gardener. Can you request them to come in? I would like to interrogate them together.”

Inspector went out and returned in a few moments, the gardener Ramesh and the maid Padma walked in. They were seated next to each other facing the Detective and the Inspector.

Detective noticed that they too looked disturbed, he realised that the time available is short and he could not lose another set of people to the moment. He then started questioning the maid. “Padma, that is your name right?”

She nodded her head affirmatively.

Detective then continued, “So Padma, how long have you been working with Mr Roy’s family.”

Padma replied, “I joined them ever since they moved into this place; it must be about ten years now.”

Detective replied, “That is a very long period, then you must know quite a lot about the family and their relations with each other.”

Padma replied, “I know about their habits and choices and a few friends and relatives who visit them regularly, but I do not know much other than that. They are very secretive when it comes to letting the outside world about them.”

Detective responded, “Hmmm! That is interesting, ten years and they have ensured that you guys do not know much about them.”

Detective turned his attention towards the Gardner and asked him, “Ramesh how long have you been working with family and do you share the same opinion about the Roy family like your colleague Padma.”

Ramesh replied, “I too have worked with the family for the same time as Padma. In fact we joined the same day. And as far as the relations are concerned I share the same opinion. They are kind hearted people yet they maintain a certain level of secrecy and ensure that we do not gather much about them. I think it runs in all the big timers.”

The Detective nodded his head, thought for a moment before he asked further, “Can you put light on the events that happened this evening, and you can start with the events at the dining table.”

Ramesh thought for a moment and said, “I was in the lawn when all of them were at the table, I realised it was time to Rocky, the dog, for his evening walk so I got in the house. I saw that Rocky was next to Bimal who speaking loudly to his father, Mr Roy.”

Detective Krish asked him, “Could you make out what the conversation was about?”

Ramesh answered, “From whatever I could gather it seemed that Bimal did not want his father to something that he was doing. He kept on repeating that it will have a direct impact on the release of his new publication. He kept on saying that it is a religious publication and his fathers act would hamper the sale of the books.”

Detective then asked, “What was Mr Roy’s reaction to it?”

Ramesh replied, “Mr Roy is a good man and is known to be calm in such situations, he kept on saying that he will not change his stance on the matter and Bimal should interfere. If he has to continue doing business with him he has to accept the facts else Bimal was free to get started on his own. Bimal did not seem to have appreciated the fact and they got into an argument. Though Mr Roy was calm Bimal kept on raising his voice and finally left the table without eating. I had earlier in the evening that the cook Anuj, had cooked especially for Bimal as he liked a dish.”

Detective asked further, “So what else did you gather?”

Ramesh answered, “I did not gather much after that, I realised that Rocky will not leave the dinner table who was seated next to Bimal, and I walked back to the garden. I opened the door when I heard Bimal shouted loudly saying that he was not in mood to have dinner and as I turned noticed that he had got up from his seat. After that I do not know much until I returned for Rocky and heard the gun shot.”

Detective Krish then turned his attention towards Padma; he asked her “So what did you notice this evening?” Detective Krish knew now Padma had eased in her posture and was ready to talk.

Padma started, “I was at the dining table helping Anuj, the family cook, in serving them. All of them had just returned from their daily work and had assembled for dinner. Bimal was talking to his mother when Mr Roy joined them. That is when they started the argument started.”

Detective Krish asked her, “So what could you make out of the conversation?”

Padma was prompt in her response, “Mr Roy was asking about the progress of the launch of his new series of books. However Bimal was rude while replying. He was telling Mr Roy that whatever Mr Roy was doing was not helping him and wanted him to stop it.”

Detective Krish quickly asked, “What exactly did he want Mr Roy to stop?”

Padma replied, “I could not make out much, all I heard was that Mr Roy was not right in whatever he had decided to do. Mr Roy did not defend anything but he kept on saying that Bimal should keep out of whatever Mr Roy was doing. Bimal got defiant and then the discussion was loud, I was immediately sent to the kitchen along with Anuj. After that we did not know much about some time, we only could make out that Bimal left the table and went to his room. He did not even taste the meal that was served to him.”

Detective Krish asked immediately, “How did you know that he did not even taste his meal?

Padma responded promptly, “I was immediately summoned to send the food and plates to Mr Roy’s room, I was told to take the spaghetti to Mr Roy’s room too. Bimal had not eaten anything from it. Even Rocky had followed Mr Roy. Mrs Roy was finishing her meal but she did not look happy either. She hurriedly finished her meal and left the table by the time I had collected the food in a tray.”

Detective Krish had another question, “How would you know that she is disturbed?”

Padma responded, “Whenever she is happy it shows on her face, she is very expressive and her mood reflects on her face. After the meal she is particular about having her medicines immediately, but when she is upset she tends to take it a little later. I had seen her carry the medicine bottle along with her as she walked back to her room. Normally she takes the medicine immediately after the meal before she leaves for her room.”

Detective expressed, “Oh! I understand that now.”

Detective Krish thought for a few moments and then looked towards Ramesh as he asked, “You mentioned you returned for Rocky a little later and you happened to hear the gun shot. What happened then?”

Ramesh replied, “I entered the dining area and I saw Padma who was also there clearing the table and was about to go up for clearing Mr Roy’s room. She informed me that Mr Roy had had his dinner in his room hence she was on the way up. I told her that I was looking for Rocky, that is when she informed me that Rocky was upstairs. So I decided to wait but then we heard the gun shot and Padma requested me to accompany her to Mr Roy’s room.”

Detective was anxious to know further and asked, “Hmmm! That is interesting then what happened?”

Ramesh replied, “We were just a few steps further when we saw Bimal walking down the stairs and I rushed ahead to Mr Roy’s room, I was the first one to see him dead at the table his head buried in the spaghetti bowl. Padma reached just about a minute later, and Mrs Roy rushed into the room immediately after her. After seeing the situation I realised it was too late to react. It was only the police who could be called, I offered help to Mrs Roy but she insisted to take matters her way. I believe she had seen Bimal with the gun and hence knew that the matter is sensitive. After that I and Padma were told to wait downstairs until the police arrived. The rest is already known to you.”

Detective Krish was rubbing his chin. Thought for a few moments and then asked, where was Rocky at that time?”

Ramesh answered, “I did not see him in the room! Padma was in the house, she maybe able to help if she knows anything.”

Detective turned his attention towards Padma, she added further, “I was in the kitchen and I did not see him go anywhere. There are likely chances that he may gone down to Bimal’s room or to Mrs Roy’s room, he is everyone’s favourite hence it is unpredictable where we will find him. But interestingly I did not hear him after I saw him last Mr Roy’s table in his room.”

Detective Krish immediately asked her, “I believe you saw him when you took the food upstairs.”

Padma replied promptly, “Yes that is the last time I saw him. When I was leaving Mr Roy was feeding him.”

Detective looked at both, thought for a moment and said, “Where was Anuj when the gun shot was heard?”

Padma replied to this question, “He had already left for the day. After I returned from Mr Roy’s room immediately after keeping the food in his room, I saw him winding up and he said that it was time for him to leave. It was time for him to go home.”

Detective Krish asked further, “Did you see him leave the house?”

Padma replied, “No I didn’t, I got busy in the kitchen. Normally he says goodbye to Mr Roy before he leaves for the day. I heard his car start after a few minutes later, so I believe he met Mr Roy before leaving.”

Detective asked immediately, “He comes in a car?”

Padma responded, “He is very well paid and also Mr Roy was very kind to him. He had gifted him the car.”

Detective nodded his and said, “Oh I see, well I think this will do for now. You both can leave and I will call you again if required.”

Both Padma and Ramesh got up from their seats and were at the door when Detective asked, “Just moment a quick question, any chances that Rocky left with the cook.”

Ramesh and Padma turned around, however Ramesh who took care of the dog most of the time replied, “No I don’t think so, the dog never goes close to Anuj, I mean the cook, he somehow doesn’t like him.”

Detective asked, “Last question for now, so he could have been the last person to see Rocky.”

Ramesh thought for a moment and said, “That is possible.”

Detective then told both of them, “Ok, you may leave for now.”


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    • Aniket Lawand profile imageAUTHOR

      Aniket Lawand 

      4 years ago from Pune, India

      Cheers! :)

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      4 years ago from Northeast United States

      I like the casual interrogation :). Seems like the law men are simmering up to a suspect :). Great hub :) on my way to part 3


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