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Detective Krish – Mr Roy’s Case Chapter 3 Anuj the Cook and missing Rocky

Updated on September 10, 2014

Chapter 3

Detective Krish looked at PI Raj and asked him, “So what do you make of the case?”

PI Raj said, “For some time I thought that there could be an interesting twist but now once again I feel that Bimal is the man to be arrested.”

Detective Krish kept nodding his head and said, “I have my doubts, I think the missing dog is an interesting link and I believe that he will help us solve the case.”

PI Raj, “But then that would not have any bearing on the case, even if we found the dog he will not answer any of our questions.” He smiled as he said this.

Detective responded to his smile and said, “Maybe he does not need to answer and he may be the answer to everything we seek.”

PI Raj smiled again, “Well we can see to that. It will be good if he provides any clues. Is it not possible that he is in Bimal’s room. That room has not been checked.”

Detective said, “Hmmmm! that is an interesting point. Maybe even if he does not open the door let us see if we can get him to answer if Rocky is in there.”

At that moment, someone knocked on the door, it was Head Constable Purohit, both PI Raj and the Detective looked at him, he responded with his news, “I spoke to the doctor and he mentioned that the report will be with us in thirty minutes and he will call in another five minutes to give his findings. He said that he was reconfirming his doubts on something unusual he found out.”

PI Raj looked surprised, “Did he say anything specific?”

Head Constable Purohit replied, “No he did not, but he mentioned that he wanted to double check his theory before he reported it out.”

Detective Krish responded, “Well so there maybe an interesting twist to the case after all.”

PI Raj responded, “That is too early to commit to that.”

Detective replied, “Maybe or maybe not.”

All three looked at each other and there was a knock at the door. It was Padma, she mentioned that the cook Anuj had just reached. Detective Krish requested her to send him in. He immediately requested the Head Constable to check if he can find out if the dog is in Bimal’s room.

Within a minute the Cook Anuj was in the room, he looked very disturbed, however as per Detective’s assessment he did not look shocked.

Anuj pulled up a seat and said, “Hi, I am Anuj, the cook.” He was wiping his eyes with his handkerchief. “This was so unexpected, it is unbelievable that Bimal would do something like this.”

The Detective responded, “I am so sorry for the loss for all of you. I would not be able to comment much on Bimal but yes it is not something so rare that father son arguments go bitter.”

Anuj responded, “No Sir, I am with this family for five years now, I have travelled with the Mr Roy and Bimal also has accompanied on several occasions, they shared a very good rapport until recent.”

The Detective seemed interested, “Oh you travelled with them?”

Anuj replied, “Oh Yes, Mr Roy is particular about his food and loves my cooking. Hence he makes it a point to take me along for every trip. There are times on such trips that Bimal has accompanied his father for business reasons.”

The Detective said, “Oh I see, you mentioned something about sharing a good rapport until recent.”

Anuj mentioned, “Oh that, Bimal was to launch a series of religious books. He was particular about it, even Mr Roy was working on it with him and then all of a sudden about three weeks back when we were returning from London, Bimal started up a conversation about some rumours. I believe that is when their relationship as father son started becoming bitter. He was not clear maybe because I was seated next to them. But he mentioned that their business partners expressed concerns about some rumours about Mr Roy. Mr Roy mentioned that it was not the right time to discuss the same and after that they have always been arguing.”

The Detective responded, “Oh that is interesting. Did you ever think that Bimal would go to the extent of killing Mr Roy.”

Anuj responded, “About that I am shocked as anyone else, as I do not know the reason why this happened. Last evening when I entered Mr Roy’s room, I noticed, Bimal was once again arguing with Mr Roy. I heard Bimal say that he may have to stop the launch as matters are going out of control and the press would be publishing about the rumour sooner or later. Their competitors had some evidence about it and they wanted to pull the curtains on his publication.”

The Detective was curious, “Did you get to hear what they were talking about?”

Anuj replied, “Well they stopped the moment Bimal realised that I was in the room. The last statement I heard was something about Mrs Roy also being aware and matters were going out of hand at a faster pace. I could not make much out of it.”

The Detective realised that he would not get any further with this, he then asked him about the evening, “Well in that case we need to wait and see if Mrs Roy knows anything about it. Anyways coming back to this evening, can you recollect anything that happened.”

Anuj replied, “Well it was the same story, they were arguing yet again. Today Bimal did not even eat his dinner I had cooked for him.”

The Detective frowned, apart from knowing about some unknown rumour there wasn’t much to cheer for him. He then asked Anuj, “before you left for the day you had gone up to see Mr Roy. Did you happen to see Bimal then.”

Anuj responded, “No, Mr Roy was having his meal, he looked sad. I said goodbye and left.”

The Detective quickly asked, “Did you see Rocky in the room.”

Anuj replied quickly, “Oh yes he was eating in his bowl. He did growl at me so I remember that he was there. He is not fond of me and I stay away from him too.”

The Detective raised his eyebrows. Thought for a moment and then said, “Well Anuj, I think that will do for now. I hope you don’t mind stay back for a little longer. I may call you for some further questioning.”

Anuj responded, “Oh not at all, in fact the moment I was told on the phone that Bimal had shot Mr Roy I was planning to come down anyways. So you can count on me.”

The Detective responded, “That is great then, I will see you in some time.”

Anuj responded as he got up to leave, “Not a problem at all, and anyway I stay very close by hence even if were to go home I would return quickly.”

The Detective then responded, “Oh that is great. Thanks. Please take care.”

Anuj left the room, the Detective looked at PI Raj and said, “Well I believe not much to go forward.”

PI Raj responded, “Well it is more like an open and shut case. Well the talk with Mrs Roy will be a mere formality then.”

Just as he said this, Head Constable entered the room, he had a smile on his face.

The Detective looked at him inquisitively and asked, “What is with the smile.”

Head Constable responded immediately, “The Doctor is sending the report and we have a surprise for us.”

PI Raj raised his eyebrows as he asked, “What is the surprise?”

Head Constable responded, “According to the Doctor, the cause of death is poisoning and not the gun shot. Interestingly Mr Roy was already dead by the time he was shot in the head.”

The Detective asked, “How can the doctor be so sure?”

Head Constable responded, “The blood was full of poison, according to him, it maybe a coincidence that Bimal shot him too, but the doctor is sure that the poison killed him.”

Immediately there was a sense of excitement in the room. Different theories were being discussed. The first was obvious to be the cook Anuj. But then if Anuj had poisoned the food then even Mrs Roy would have been dead, she had finished her meal. It could be Padma or Suresh, but then there was no motive to that. Bimal was out of question, if he had poisoned Mr Roy then he would not shoot him. The last one was Mrs Roy, she did have a motive too. According to the cook, she was aware of some rumour and the rumour was so bad that it would have affected the business.

PI Raj looked at the Detective, “The rumour could be a motive but then we need to find out what the rumour was about. I remember that Padma mentioned that Mrs Roy was carrying her medicine bottle away from the table and she did not take her medicine either. What if the bottle contained poison?”

The Detective was not convinced, “That seems to be a possibility, and it would be interesting to talk to Mrs Roy after all. It may give us some lead to close the case. But then if she would have poisoned him, she would not have been so disturbed. I take it that there is a possibility but then there could be a twist to the tale after all. I believe now it is necessary to find the dog after all. Dead or alive he may answer at least a question or two.”

They wanted to call in Mrs Roy immediately but due to her state of mind they knew that they would have to wait. That is when Ramesh knocked at the door to inform that Bimal had opened the door but was not talking to anyone and he had refused to meet the police. He was sobbing and Mrs Roy was with him. Ramesh had heard him say that he will hand himself to the police. Mrs Roy was consoling him, she was sobbing too. Immediately after this Padma walked into the room and mentioned that Mrs Roy was fine to speak to the Detective. He thanked both Padma and Suresh and requested for Mrs Roy to be sent in another two minutes.

Just then Head Constable Purohit’s phone rang. Purohit spoke on the phone and after that spoke to PI Raj and the Detective. “As per the Doctor the spaghetti was poisoned. He happened to run some further tests; he says that out of curiosity the doctor tested the spaghetti stuck on Mr Roy’s nose. He also added that the spaghetti contained traces of a very strong poison which will kill a person within minutes.”

The PI said, “Well that throws the case wide open. Bimal had opened the door, but then I don’t think that I will suspect him any further. But yes, Padma, Anuj and Mrs Roy are the default suspects.”

The case is wide open, but then I have a hunch on who could have done it. He writes a note on the paper and gives it to PI Raj and tells him to immediately dispatch a team along with Purohit to find out the details.

Head Constable smiles and takes the note with him. Just then Mrs Roy walks in.

Her eyes were sore and voice was not pleasant to the ear, but then it was kind of her to support the investigation. She knew that the press was waiting for a statement and the earlier it was the better it would be for all of them. She started her conversation as she sat on the chair opposite to the Detective, “Huh! It is a very sad day. I hope I could do something to save my son. It is a big loss, both my husband and son lost on the same day.” She wiped her tears as she finished speaking.

The Detective knew that it was too early to break the news about poisoning to her. She was a suspect now. He spoke, “Yeah I am extremely sorry for your loses. It is very unusual that such things happen.”

She was putting up a brave face in the present situation, nonetheless for Detective she was only a suspect. She responded, “I cannot say much, but then we have the press waiting for a statement and Mr Roy is a known personality in International Circles, it will be not be right to keep the information held back for long. Any time now the call from well wishers will start coming through. So I believe that you should also get started with your questions!”

Detective Krish responded, “Oh Yeah! Thank You so much for your cooperation Mrs Roy.”

She nodded her head.

Detective asked her, “We first wanted to know, more about what happened that Bimal decided to take such an extreme step.”

Mrs Roy responded, “I do not understand why he took such an extreme step. He was annoyed with Mr Roy, but then never did we expect such a reaction.”

Detective asked further, “What do you think that bothered Bimal the most, was it a personal behaviour of Mr Roy or some of his business decisions.”

Mrs Roy hesitated for a moment but then she knew she would be confronted with this question, “On business both were on the same page. Both Mr Roy and Bimal were very clear about what they wanted and how they could achieve it.” She paused for a moment and then continued, “It was more to do with something personal, rather very personal to Mr Roy.”

Detective Krish noticed that she was hesitating, but then was the moment he was waiting for, he knew that Bimal wasn’t the murderer, but then the answer to his next question could lead him to the murderer. He asked, “If I am allowed to know, is this something you can put more light on.”

Mrs Roy answered, “I am not sure if this information will help, but if you assure me that you will keep this part of the conversation confidential I can share some details.”

Detective promptly responded, “Under the oath of confidentiality, I will be true to my word.”

Mrs Roy thought for a moment and said, “It was a few years back, this all had started. Mr Roy a known public figure moved more in International Circles. He was influenced by the lifestyles since his childhood. But then his parents were traditional and always believed that in keeping things that way. Mr Roy was during his young days was a shy person and did not have the courage to rebel. He never crossed the lines once his father had made a decision.” She looked up after a brief pause continued, “One such decision was our marriage. It was only after we got married I realised that he wasn’t much interested in women. Until his father was alive he put up a good show. After his father passed away and being the only son amongst four cousins, Mr Roy took charge of the business. His cousins were interested in different fields. This is when he started acting independently and his success reached new heights and so did his confidence. He realised that he could act on his and take his own decisions. That is when he did things on his own terms. He made it clear to me that he was not interested in women, it was a shock for me, as in those days such things were not just abnormal but unacceptable.”

She drank some water and then continued as we kept nodding our heads, listening with keen interest, “I did not know how to react but then allowed it to sink within. Bimal was born until then and I diverted my energy in bringing him up. Mr Roy maintained a good relation with me, but then we were miles away in terms of marriage. For Bimal’s sake we both did not annul the marriage, we continued without disturbing the status of our marriage. He allowed me to join business and thus I got busy too. I looked after the Indian business unit while he focussed on the international units. Time passed and Bimal joined us too, little was he aware that Mr Roy’s interests in life were different. Only when he started his first independent project on religious books and started travelling with Mr Roy, he realised the facts. That is when Mr Roy’s personal behaviour affected Bimal negatively.”

Detective was curious to know, “But then how would Mr Roy’s personal life affect the release of his publication.”

Mrs Roy frowned, “Bimal was covering the sanctity of marital relations and he was covering the topic from an international point of view. He was trying to emphasize upon the fact that things should remain the traditional way. This was his first in the series and he felt that Mr Roy’s behaviour would have a negative impact in the market. It would hit the sales directly as competitors would highlight Mr Roy’s personal life and thus affect business.”

Detective Krish was not clear on how it would affect business and asked, “But then how would it affect business as Mr Roy was discreet in his personal life. No one knew about this until you mentioned it.”

Mrs Roy, frowned one more time, “That was the problem, Mr Roy was now bold enough and wanted to make the information public. He had plans to move to Australia for the rest of his career and life. Gradually he wanted to move out of the Publication Business.”

Detective Krish understood Bimal’s frustration. His first independent Project and though unintentional, Mr Roy was about to ruin the party. Detective Krish then asked further, “But then, was it not possible for Bimal to change the book. Or maybe start another project?”

Mrs Roy answered, “The book was due to release next week and Mr was planning to move to Australia a week after that.”

Detective was spellbound and fell short of words and did not bother to think on it too. He decided to stay quiet for a few moments.

Mrs Roy was rubbing her forehead, just then Padma walked with a glass of water and a strip of tablets. Padma said, “Madam, the medicine for headache you had asked for.”

Mrs Roy swallowed the aspirin and after taking a sip of water said, “Thanks Padma, you may go now.”

Padma left the room and Mrs Roy then turned towards the Detective and asked, “Well that is the reason for it. Like I mentioned earlier, it is unusual of Bimal to do so. When he was working under Mr Roy on other projects he displayed a very calm attitude. Even in most difficult situations he would focus and find a way out. However only he knows, why he did so. He has shocked one and all.”

Detective asked her, “Hmm that is very useful information indeed. I think the information you gave us now is more than enough, however if required we may request your presence.”

Mrs Roy got up from her seat, “No problem Detective I will ensure that you get cooperation from all of us.”

“Thanks again Mrs Roy, very kind of you.” Detective responded promptly and as she moved towards the door, Detective quickly asked, “Do you have any idea where Rocky is, I mean your pet dog Rocky?”

Mrs Roy was thoughtful as she stopped and looking surprised said, “Oh! In this chaos I did not realise that I haven’t seen Rocky for a long time. It is rather too long that I haven’t seen him at all.” She closed her eyes for a moment, the stress on her face was visible, “He must be in his kennel, I will check with Ramesh, I hope he his fine, he loved Mr Roy and Bimal a lot.”

Detective answered, “I am sorry to say Mrs Roy, but Rocky is missing immediately after the incident. In fact even Ramesh is not aware where he is.”

Mrs Roy was loud to react, “What?” She looked shocked. “I hope that is not another loss tonight.” She held her forehead with her palm as she walked out of the room.

Detective and PI Raj could make out that Mrs Roy was genuine in her reaction.

After the door was closed again, PI Raj expressed, “She seemed genuine in her reaction. But then what has Rocky got to do with this case?”

Detective answered, “Earlier it was just a hunch that Rocky is the clue. But now I am certain that the Rocky will help us nail the murderer. Let us wait for the information from Head Constable Purohit.”

PI Raj asked the Detective, “What is that you are trying to find out?”

Detective Krish replied, “I think I have the killer traced, but then only the information Purohit brings in will be able to help us. I want to know if my hunch is correct. So you will have to wait until we see the proof of the pudding.”

PI Raj was aware that Detective always liked to play his trump card in the end without disclosing the same and hence decided against any further questions.

Detective requested for Bimal to be sent in.


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    • Aniket Lawand profile imageAUTHOR

      Aniket Lawand 

      4 years ago from Pune, India

      Part Four is released. :)

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      4 years ago from Northeast United States

      Getting better and building suspense :). Great storytelling :). Will read part 4 when released :)


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