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Detective Krish – Mr Roy’s Case Chapter 4

Updated on September 9, 2014

Chapter Four The Finale

Bimal was looking exhausted, his eyes were red and face wore a swollen look. It was obvious he hadn’t stopped crying even for one moment after the incident. He was sighing heavily used his handkerchief blowing his noise every few moments.

One look at the detective and he broke down again. Detective Krish got up from his chair and walked past Bimal and stood behind him. He kept his hand on his right shoulder trying to calm him down. “I can understand your trauma. It is very sad indeed and I am sorry for your loss.”

Bimal still whimpering cleared his nose, “I loved him, and he was my friend, philosopher and guide. I told him stop, we all needed him. I even told him that I will not go ahead with book, and be with us and not to leave us. But he would not listen. He did not even answer my questions and that irritated me the most. I just lost it at that moment.” He continued with his crying.

Detective maintained his calm for some time and then said, “Bimal, if you are not fine to talk you can leave and I will speak to you later.”

Bimal replied, “there is nothing to talk. I have done it and I should be arrested for the same.”

Detective Krish answered, “You leave that to us, whether we will arrest you or not. For arresting you we will need some concrete evidence. Unless we have that nothing can be done. But that is the latter part, for you, it is important that you take some rest. The night isn’t over yet.”

Detective Krish signalled PI Raj who helped Bimal out of the room. Within a few minutes PI Raj walked in the room, Detective Krish was smiling as Head Constable Purohit updated him.

PI Raj asked him, “What is it now; looks like you have solved this mystery. A simple evidence gathering exercise and looks like you have changed the face of the murderer.”

Detective was still smiling, “Not yet, I would like to speak to the cook Anuj before that. He knows who the killer is.”

PI Raj twisted his lips and Purohit was on his way out to escort Anuj, the cook.

In a few moments Anuj was seated in front of the Detective.

Detective asked, “So Anuj, where did you work before joining the Roy family.”

Anuj was taken aback by the question, “I was working in a farm house for an English couple who had rented a house in the jungles of Africa.”

Detective then asked, “So they were doing some research work or were they wild life photographers.”

Anuj replied, “They were doing research on medicine. They were working on a rare medicine, but then they found more ways to spoil it, until a local whom I had met in the market helped them out.”

Detective asked further, “So what happened to the failed experiments, I mean what results were like and did they document the results.”

Anuj responded, “Yes they did documents and most of the results ended up being life takers than life savers.”

Detective responded, “It seems like you took a lot of interest in their work.”

Anuj responded, “It was only three of us hence I helped them with the research work in my spare time. Spare time was plenty as they hardly ate much. I knew English and could speak the local language due to my earlier employer. It helped them gather information and also helped the couple communicate to the natives as we toured the remote areas.”

Detective responded, “Ahem, so that makes you special. Now tell me what made you leave that assignment.”

Anuj replied, “The lady, Mrs Hardy did not fancy me a lot and hence this was not helping their research. One night they had a very bad argument and she left the house at the time others were asleep. No one knew where she was. All the efforts to find her were futile. Mr Hardy then lost interest in the project and left for good. And I returned to India.”

Detective then asked Anuj, “How did you start with the Roy family?”

Anuj responded promptly, “On the way back from Africa I was seated next to Mr Roy. They needed a cook and I needed a job, so that is how I got enrolled.”

Detective as ked Anuj, “I believe you always travelled with Mr Roy.”

Anuj replied, “Yes I did, and he was fond of my cooking and did not like to eat stuff cooked by anyone else.”

Detective quickly asked, “So when do you plan to go to Australia?”

Anuj looked baffled but then gathered himself and answered, “It was plan of Mr Roy that until he settled down in Australia he would take me along and then if I liked it there I was to be his permanent cook.”

Detective was sounding excited, “One last question,” the Detective paused for a moment, “Why did you kill the poor pet dog Rocky?”

Anuj did not have an answer, he tried answering but could not gather anything. All he managed to say was, “I did not intent to kill him?”

Detective then added further, “I agree, all you intended was to kill Bimal hence you poisoned him the way you poisoned Mrs Hardy. Only difference was that this time the dose was a powerful one. Unfortunately for your plans Bimal did not have his dinner. You rushed up the stairs to warn Mr Roy but then you realised that it was too late. You picked up Rocky and decided to dump him far away. But then could not manage to. It was rather unusual that a drive back home took you so long when the drive back to Mr Roy’s place took you minutes. We managed to open your car with a master key and found Blacky covered in a sack. And yes Mr Hardy is on trial for killing Mrs Hardy and he has confessed to have committed the crime with your help. We managed to do some research on your file and a few photos on the net with you and Mr Hardy were enough to trace your past.”

Everyone in the room looked at Anuj, he had buried his face in his palms. “You cannot prove a thing.”

Detective answered, “Exactly, I don’t have to. I have to simply hand you over to Mr Hardy’s attorney, alternatively you can confess to this crime and you can be spared of a longer term. The punishment in our country is lesser.”

Anuj kept quiet, “I don’t think you can do anything about Mr Hardy’s case. You are bluffing!”

Detective answered, “My dear friend you are wrong, as we speak the papers for your deportation are being sought. One call and within minutes you will be handed over. All I have to do is hold you back for one hour. By the look of it the odds aren’t in your favour.”

Anuj did not have an answer, he thought and then spoke, “I give up. I cannot run all my life. Mr Roy and I were in love with each other, it happened the first time we met at the airport. All was well until Bimal started joining us for the trips abroad. He was ruining our party, Mr Roy offered to leave everything to Bimal and leave for Australia, but then that was not acceptable to him. He wanted his father back at home. Mr Roy had expressed that for his son he may change his plans. I was left with no choice but to get Bimal out of the way. I poisoned his Spaghetti with the same poison but as destined Mr Roy ate it up. All is over for me instead.”

He buried his face in his palm. Head Constable Purohit took him to another room.

PI Raj asked the Detective, “What made you suspicious about Anuj.”

Detective promptly responded, “On three counts, first when he said that he had not seen Rocky in the room. Thus everyone either else was lying or he was lying. His travel time to reach this place was faster than he reaching his home. Third was when he entered the room he seemed more relieved than stressed. He had taken away Rocky thinking that he will try some cover up, he may have even planned to leave this place for good. But then when our call was received by him, he must have realised that everyone believed Bimal to be the murderer. He felt he was safe but was proved wrong. I told the dog was vital in the case. He going missing after such an incident added to the mystery which Anuj did not anticipate.”

PI Raj then said, “Well that is sad ending for Mr Roy.”

Detective responded, “It is indeed a sad ending to the case. A little bit of greed on Anuj’s part spoilt everything. Mr Roy was moving to Australia in the first place which showed that he was ready to go to any extent for Anuj. But then family love stopped him. Anuj should have been patient, he should have realised that in life anything can happen.”

PI Raj then asked, “What about Mr Hardy’s attorney will that block our case.”

Detective asked PI Raj, “Inspector, Did you ever play Poker in your life? I think you should try your hands at it.”

He smiled and left the room to light a cigarette for himself.


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    • Aniket Lawand profile imageAUTHOR

      Aniket Lawand 

      4 years ago from Pune, India

      :) Thanks Carrie. :)

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      4 years ago from Northeast United States

      Great story ! :) kept me reading til the end. Thank you for sharing :)


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