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Detective Krish - Mr Roy's Case Chapter 1

Updated on September 7, 2014

Detective Krish – Mr Roy’s Case Chapter 1

Police Inspector (PI) Raj was busy at the back gate of Mr Roy a famous publisher in the city running a prominent Publishing House. Inspector Raj was waiting for Private Detective Krish; the Detective was a specialist in high profile cases. A few hours before this Mr Roy was found shot dead in his room, immediately after the gun shot was heard, Mr Roy’s Son Bimal was seen leaving that room carrying a pistol. Prima Facie it seemed to be an open and shut case. Bimal had locked himself in his own room after the incident. The news was not yet out however the gun shot was loud enough and had attracted enough attention. The media had narrowed down within an hour and it was all over the news that something had happened at Mr Roy’s residence.

Mrs Roy immediately called the Police Commissioner who in turn deputed Inspector Raj and Head Constable Purohit into the case. Police Commissioner thereafter knowing the sensitivity of the case called in for Detective Krish who had rarely failed in his career. Mr Roy’s body was taken to the hospital and the forensics had completed their bit. It was now on Inspector Raj and Detective Krish to collect all the evidence and help Mrs Roy a statement before the press. Mr Roy ran a prominent International Publication house and was known world over for their publication houses work. Thus her statement was the most awaited. The press was already camped near the main gate of their residence.

Inspector Raj checked his watch and spoke, “Purohit, looks like we may have another twist and turn in this open and shut case. Detective Krish normally changes our verdict in most cases.”

Constable Purohit nodded his head affirmatively, “Yes Sir, I agree, but then it has been for the best. And we three have worked on so many high profile cases together yet this man ends up finding something that we all have missed.”

Inspector Raj replied promptly, “Well let us see this time what he comes up with. Well there is his bike, Let us get ready for routine rounds investigation one more time.”

Very soon Police Inspector Raj was escorting Detective Krish through the back gate. It was usual for Krish to be escorted in this fashion as this wasn’t the first high profile case he was handling. Mr Roy a prominent businessman was shot late in the night by his son Bimal.

As the two walked from the rear gate to the back entrance Krish was trying to understand what were facts assembled so far and what his analysis was so far.

Inspector Raj: It is not much from where we are so far. Thus far it looks like an open and shut case. Father and son had had an argument last evening, the maid and the gardener who were on the way to Mr Roy’s room, were the ones who heard the shot, and as they rushed to the room all they saw was Bimal rushing out of the room with a gun in his hand, and as they entered the room Mr Roy’s head was on his study table. It seems like he was shot as he was eating his meal.

Detective Krish: Interesting! Do you have any other facts on the case, anyone missing or anyone else who as present at the time of incident but not available now.

Inspector Raj: Nope all those who were in the house at the time of the incident are still inside the house.

Detective Krish: Anyone left the house or is missing before the incident took place.

Inspector Raj: Yeah! One is the cook, and the other is their dog. We have attempted to call the cook but his mobile was left on the dining table. Nobody is answering the land line at his residence. So we are assuming he hasn’t made it home yet.

Detective Krish: Aha! What about the dog. Any idea since when he is missing.

Inspector Raj: He was last seen at the dining table as they were getting to have their supper. But then that is where they started arguing and then Mr Roy unhappily left for his room without having his supper. That is where the dog followed him. From then there is no trace of him.

Detective Krish: Keep looking for the dog, he may solve this mystery for us. It maybe an open and shut case, however we will have to back it with good evidence to prove so. So let us approach this case without any bias and see where it takes us.

By the time the conversation is ended both Detective and Inspector were at the rear entrance. Purohit was following closely, he had ensured that the rear gate was closed properly to avoid any the press until the Krish had completed his investigation.

Inspector Raj: As advised by the commissioner it is only the three of us right now you, me and Constable Purohit. It is only when we both are convinced about the whole scene we will allow others to enter the scene. We have had the forensics come in and take the details. Mrs Roy has to make a public appearance in another 4 hours, and she will need details. However necessary content will be held back until conclusive report is available.

Detective Krish: (He and the Inspector walked to the drawing room.) That is good enough time for us to solve this. Let us do our interrogations and see how it works out.

Inspector Raj: Ok.

Both of them reached the Drawing room, Krish insisted for a smaller room where he can interrogate the members of the house. There was luggage room next to the dining area which was now vacant, the maid very quickly arranged for a small table and few chairs to go ahead with their work.

Inside the Room:

The Constable Purohit, Inspector Raj and Detective Krish were soon seated in the room discussing the case. They were going through the statements recorded so far and details that Inspector Raj had made notes of.

Resting back on his chair Detective asked Inspector Raj, “So it was the maid Padma who saw Bimal walk out of the room with a pistol in his hand.”

Inspector Raj replied, “Not just her, she was with the gardener Ramesh walking up the stairs to Mr Roy’s room, when they heard the shot, immediately followed by Bimal walking out of Mr Roy’s room.”

Detective Krish nodded his head and asked, “Hmmm! What were they going up for?”

Inspector Raj replied instantly, “The Padma was going up to collect the dinner plates and Ramesh was accompanying her as he was looking for the dog. He thought that the dog would be with Mr Roy.”

Detective Krish asked immediately, “Why was he looking for the dog?”

Inspector Raj replied, “As per Ramesh and Padma, the dog was due for his late evening walk. It is Ramesh who takes him for the walk. He had searched all over the place and could not trace the dog.

Detective Krish nodded his head, sighed and said, “So the dog was missing before the shot was fired. We do not have any clue whatsoever as to what happened to the dog?”

Inspector Raj replied, “Nope we do not have any clue whatsoever? But then the dog hardly matters.”

Detective Krish did not agree with Inspector Raj, “I am not so sure; it is too early to draw conclusions. As per the statements recorded the dog was very close to Mr Roy. He goes missing and then the shot is heard.”

Inspector Raj responded, “But then Bimal was seen walking out of the room with the pistol immediately after the shot was heard and there was no one else in the room. Mrs Roy had also arrived in Mr Roy’s room after the shot was heard. She had rushed out her room and headed towards Mr Roy’s room and on the way, she had seen Bimal lock himself in his room.”

Detective Krish mentioned, “Hold on a minute, you said that Mrs Roy rushed out of her room. Are you saying that Mr and Mrs Roy had different rooms for each of them?”

Inspector Raj replied, “Yes, as per the maid both of them stay in different rooms.”

Detective Krish, “Hmmm! That is interesting.”

Inspector Raj responded, “I hope you are not seeing a motive in there.”

Detective Krish responded, “Well we haven’t spoken to Bimal and he is not willing to speak to any one. What we have is the statements of all the other people in house at that time, not to forget there was a cook in the house before the incident whom we cannot trace at all. And let us not forget the dog too.”

Inspector Raj realised that Detective Krish was already seeing a different angle altogether. Different possibilities would be possible if Bimal gave a statement which was not in line with others.

Detective Krish asked Inspector Raj, “You are saying that there was an argument in the evening at the dinner table, what was that about?”

Inspector Raj responded, “As per the maids statement Bimal was to launch his new series of religious book. He was not happy with something Mr Roy was involved in. He mentioned that the sale of his book would get affected by Mr Roy’s actions.”

Krish then thought for a few moments and then said, “I think let us start interrogating all of them. I know you have already done so, but then I want to take the bias out that Bimal was seen walking out of the room. Without the bias I want to see where the investigation is headed.”

Inspector Raj was not in agreement but then he also felt that the statements were recorded in line with the bias that Bimal was seen walking out of Mr Roy’s with the pistol. There could be twist to the tale. Maybe something was possibly covered up and a fresh interrogation would reveal interesting facts.”


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    • Aniket Lawand profile image

      Aniket Lawand 3 years ago from Pune, India

      Thanks Carrie, I hope you all like the ending too. :)

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 3 years ago from Northeast United States

      Thank you for drafting this crime scene /murder mystery ;). Very interesting so far. Keep up the good work :)