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Determined To Be Better

Updated on September 25, 2014

Be True To Yourself

There is no stopping or letting go

When you know how you feel

It gives you a great feeling of satisfaction

That is stronger than any other

As your thoughts develop

Some things can't be rushed

Do everything you can to learn about you

This is not found in any book

It is who we are

Life can be easy at times and we should take time to enjoy

When things become hard we have to look for a solution

Keeping open communication

So when something pops up we will recognize

There is a chance

This could work

If not don't be disappointed

We are on our way

Keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor

You don't know when a good idea will strike

In the meantime keep busy

Entertaining new thoughts of love , passion and desire

Constantly look around you

See what direction the world is going

Then quietly by yourself

Find what direction you want to go

Look at your loves in your life

Think of ways to make them better

If we spend our valuable time improving our life

We won't be caught up in negative drama most people see and believe

We will have better things to do and say

Because each day is extremely special in many ways

Even when disappointment hits

We find a way to bounce back

Because we know it is only temporary

Find the little things that keep you happy

They will remind you of all the good in life

Strive for being the best you the world has ever seen

Let people think and say what they may

You will always know

Doing the right thing

Makes you glow


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