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Devil (Poem)

Updated on February 10, 2014


The bearer of bad news, the inmate of hell,
darkness is the colour of this malicious entity.
Arch nemesis of the angels and all that is good,
a sickness so pure with an unrivaled animosity.

he will snatch the goodness of the heart
and will predominantly replace it with evil,
A hater of peace and a bringer of destruction.
He has lost sense in presence of god, but he still
walks with a grim between time and space,
conquering all emotions and surpassing all limitations.

Its power is greatly forbidden, but initially gravely mistaken,
The image and form that the human eye has not seen.
Lives in a world where colour is dispersed and consumed
into the core of darkness,
but still the devil shines with mystery.

(Thought After Wrote) - Not much to say really, except that it gets really scary in the mind when you keep on reading further down :p.

(Update 16/02/12) - Once again this was written like 3 years ago, i had time to kill soooooo i kinda wrote this on the whim, call it a emotional burst on hard copy.


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