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Crazy Diamond in the Sky

Updated on June 25, 2016

Flying so high, I was a crazy diamond in the sky

Nearing the end of July

I wish I could hypothesize

the fear in the eyes, of yours and mine

The future told... I lay motionless,

voltage moved me like a lightning bolt

A half mile high, I opened an eye

spinning momentum, still tingling from high

mirrored by the devil's eye

yet instantly, another burning in my veins

I wished to feel the earth beneath me

and not by my side

Flying so high, I was a crazy diamond in the sky

Meanwhile, the media grabbed my hand

and said lets go for a ride

down the highway of regrets

we'll twist your character

and mutilate your reputation

only for the news to lie

your story never to be told... just die

Flying so high, I was a crazy diamond in the sky

A defect of society, made to take the blame...

burdened of living in shame

just to keep normality at the top of their game

"Crazy Diamond," are our names

Flying so high, I was a crazy diamond in the sky

Consciousness arrived, only to my surprise

with tiny men bearing golden badges

wearing their souls on their face

making me realize, I was all tangled up in blue

and to them, any life is a waste

without having their crispy cream taste

The north shore, my following destination

I was caged with no hesitation

positively 4th street was a solid realization

the night was dark, with screaming from across the hall

when asked my name

I stated that I couldn't recall

Flying so high, I was a crazy diamond in the sky

A week went by and my visit was spent

thrown from car to car

like a prostituted rag doll

arriving with confusion not content

and failed repression of the total recall of events

A story of a hay wagon left a comforting impression

to my discomfort, it would lesson

Flying so high, I was a crazy diamond in the sky

I lay on the floor for all to see

propped up on a chair, pitying their hypocrisy

the lady on high

lacking the tiniest of personality

pointing her finger at me

I'm positive she'd endured a lobotomy

no ma'am, I would rather not

eat that stack of paper all bound in leather

your henchmen have already left scars on my body

that will never weather

I will go down in history flying so high... a crazy diamond in the sky



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    • Mitchell Marso profile imageAUTHOR

      Mitchell Marso 

      2 years ago from Mankato, MN

      Thanks buddy. Experience and post hoc interpretation, are indeed different.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      Different one, Bro. What can I say? reminds me of life itself! We fly so high; us crazy diamonds in the sky ...

      Excellent Poetry.


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