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Diary of an Atheist Priest_3

Updated on February 25, 2018

Church, USA politics and Hope

I have just returned home from planting Mr Macduff. I can’t help thinking that if we have all been designed by an Almighty God and Mr Macduff is the best life’s condiment that Omnipotence and Omniscience have been able to produce in millions of years of evolution, then God will have to come up with a better trick than Mr Macduff to convince me of his existence.

I had trouble keeping a straight face when Macduff’s boyfriend told me over the grave of his beloved, for the umpteenth time, how they had met. They had both been chauffeurs, he always says, but he will always follow this up with (Rolls Royce), as if in brackets. As if this somehow elevated him above the rest of the millions of car driving licence holders.

I simply love my vicarage. So impressive, so old English village, so Miss Marple. It’s the only thing that keeps me in this crappy business. That and Mrs Smythe’s incredible talent for fellatio. I am so tired of corrupt so-called ‘men of God’. At least I am an atheist. A hypocrite and an atheist. Not a flattering picture, but there you have it.

I see in the paper that the Right Rev Peter Hancock, the Bishop of Bath and Wells, has told General Synod members ‘they will feel a “deep sense of shame” as accounts emerge of sexual abusers within the church’. Bloody hypocrites.

Apparently the Right Rev wanted to drive the nail in as far as it would go, because he added, “We will, as our friends in the Anglican Church in Australia did, feel a deep sense of shame.” Obviously since our depraved and disgusting Anglican Church colleagues in Australia are so far off, he did not feel obligated to be ashamed of their molesting innocent children or feel any horror at such a travesty. And I am supposed to be ashamed for being an atheist?

With such tenuous morals, no wonder we have turned religion into our very own police force and correctional facility rolled into one. With the added advantage that it’s free. Well, free with the exception of the odd coin dropped into the collection box on a Sunday. Vicars have to make a living too.

According to the paper, President Trump might honour us with a visit. Oddly, I like what he is doing, though he is a living, walking proof that money cannot buy culture, good breeding and good manners. People appear to be perplexed at how an oafish, charmless, and possibly not-so-stable-genius became the Leader-of-the-Free-World, but I am actually rooting for him. He appears to be a believer in the theory that ‘When you got them by the balls their heads and hearts will follow.’

Who would have thought that an apparent antediluvian-seeming nutcase like President Trump would become our only hope against the forces fighting against us in an actual satanic war on gender, the holy family unit, nationhood, race and the idea of believing in a good God. Well, on the last part they may have a point, but everything else is a tragedy. I honestly hope that he doesn’t turn out to be just one more corrupt globalist Neocon like his predecessors.

It is natural for powerful nations to look at the world from the viewpoint of the bully, but someone should tell President Trump that Rambo was not real. He and his countrymen appear to believe that the Hollywood war movies are depictions of reality. Regrettably they are just entertainment designed to make their lot believe the myth of ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’.

Our cousins across the sea have inherited a huge country with unlimited natural resources. It’s like the children of a billionaire who inherit his wealth when he dies. Instead of using the wealth they have inherited, they give away their birth right to a few Rothschild and Rockefeller manipulators with their Soros’ frontmen and subsequently they wallow in their enslavement. The only difference between the US and North Korea, is that the US lot are allowed to choose between two jailers, both in the employ of their masters.

But let us hope that President Trump can change all that. When I see that Adam Schiff Congressman, he is enough to turn even me to prayer.

I feel obliged in Christian charity though, to say that perhaps those who claim that Schiff is an immature, intellectually insubstantial and bitchy Russophobe who personifies every ridiculously juvenile and ignorant political attitude and mind-set of the idiotic American fascist left, should take heed. It is a base lie that he represents the pretentious, corrupt and prejudiced pseudoscientists one usually finds at Soros-bribed universities.

Admittedly, he voted for Hillary, without the slightest twinge of guilt, despite knowing that he was voting for the most corrupt politician in the annals of American history. And it is true that he becomes baffling to any person with a functioning brain cell when, having supported the Clinton Crime Cabal, he has the gall to criticize anyone. Including an apparently lying, illiterate challenged person like President Trump.

But let us not forget that his heart is in the right place. Schiff is like an innocent child surrounded by paedophiles and he cannot be fully blamed for his resulting activities. He is, in short, surrounded by the so called ‘liberal’ left which is comprised of sensitive flowers with limb wrists, irrigated with a pathetic grievance culture of the agressive lesbian section and sustained by their preferred fertilizer of gay victim-hood.

Yet he triumphs through all adversity and despite the damaging influence of his surroundings, he refuses to disagree with ex Vice President Gore about Global Warming, because Adam Schiff’s huge brain can tell when a real scientist is speaking the truth.

To be continued…


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