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Diary of the unemployed.

Updated on September 17, 2009

Thursday 17th September

Being a victim of the recession is not much fun when the financial rug is pulled out from beneath your feet. That steady income that you relied on just is not coming in anymore and you are left to wonder when the market will pick up again and the doors will start opening.

I always thought that if anything happened to my job I was capable and energetic enough to go and find suitable alternative employment. But when the curtains came down on this recent econmic performance, someone well and truly did turn out the lights. It was as if the commercial world shut down, everybody packed up their belongings and left the building. Even the expereinced and highly qualified found themselves without work.

I get a sense that things are starting to pick up now but with the unemployment rising it could be a long rocky road ahead. I started to think about alternative careers and ways I could bring in the money.

I just finished listening to Susan Boyle's performance on Americas Got Talent and was blown away again with her voice. She always gives me that tingling goose bumpy feeling when she sings I do not feel with many other singers, accept Whitney Houston in her pre-drugs days. I can officially say that now she has confessed all to Oprah.

But I was thanking God for the voice that is Susan Boyle and at the same time wondering if I had that kind of talent hidden away. After all she did spring from nowhere, or maybe Scotland, to become famous throughout the world. Sadly my croaky old voice is not going to win any awards. I'm resigned to listening to Susan's White horses, as mine barely get out the stable.


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