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Did You Change?

Updated on September 28, 2011

Did You Change

I took you back

Like a fool.

Thought you'd changed

Thought you'd be cool.

I trusted you

I opened my heart.

Apparently I'm a sucker

For someone making art.

Together a while

Everything was good.

I thought I was wrong

Getting together, didn't think I should.

You told me then

You were going on a trip.

Told me it was a great opportunity

Told me not to flip.

I gave in then

I trusted you.

What other choice did I have?

What else could I do?

We walked a lot

While you were far.

I shouldn't have trusted

I should have smashed your car.

Gone many weeks

It hurt me right.

While you were gone

I couldn't sleep at night.

Finally made it

You were coming back.

Should have left you alone

Got my life back on track.

You came back to me

With all your tales.

Told me stories of your friends

"Fuck those whales."

You told me then

They all hooked up.

You told me how you threw it all back

Out of that red cup.

Told me you were good

You didn't go through.

Only a couple didn't hook up

I doubt you were part of the few.

I want to trust you

I really do.

But you messed me up

What you originally put me through.

I can't confront you

Or ask you who.

Because then you'll be mad

We'll no longer be two.

I want to believe you didn't

But how do I know.

Before you slept with anyone

Even some random Joe.

I hope you didn't

I hope you care.

Hope you learned from last time

Otherwise I'm out of there.


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