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Did her words kill her husband ~ The Football Star?

Updated on February 25, 2012


*•☆ Based on a True Story that happened in 2011.


Our words can make people

Our words can break people.


Marriages/relationships have rifts once in a while

Some so intense, a divorce they soon file.


The Football Star and his wife had an argument

She was angry, got in her car and went.


She didn’t return home, slept in the car

Her husband and kids were very far.


She returned home in the morning to see her husband dead

They could have made up, but he hung himself instead.


The shocked woman in her heart, must have screamed “No…”

In less than 24 hours, she had become a widow.


Nothing will ever take her pain away

Therapy might make it lighter, but it will always stay.


Never let the sun go down on an argument

Many times, what we said in anger ~ we never meant.


*•☆ RIP Gary Speed.

(Sept 1969 - Nov 2011)


Gary Speed and Wife, Louise.


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