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Did we forget

Updated on August 21, 2014

Waiting for that miracle I was told about, pausing to hear the angels sing,

But only to be deferred, by the dejection upon the many personages in this ring of fire,

Reaching for the day promised of peace, To inhale a fresh morning of spring,

Caring to care for that dream, waiting in my best attire,

Seeing the clouds as I fly, in pursuit of happiness,

It seems the clouds are darkened today by the blackness of malicious rave,

I felt the world's sadness and bemusement of how it was converted into a slave,

The spirit from its soil whispered to my mind, and my soul heard peace,

Saying to embody life and release happiness, to circulate the feeling, evoking the many hearts, and to remember life's affiliation to amalgamation.


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