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Didactic poem

Updated on October 6, 2016

The mind of the great men.

The mind of the great men,

The minds of the great men are busy.

Thinking about a great a great thing in silence,

The great men had great mind they did not

Buy greatness from the market, neither did

They pick it on

The ground but they achieved it through a great thing.

But all these consist of one thing called silence.

Greatness, greatness oh greatness

How can I be a great man, can I be

Strong or, can I be conscious of who I am,


Silence I cannot be a great man.

The great men are not cowards, they

Stand to say the truth and maintain justice

They are people known for their silence that

Is why

They are called hens of silence.

They are called hens of silence.

Without silence you as a person can never

Be a great man.


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