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Died in Ignorance

Updated on April 1, 2020

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives

Salmonella (Bacteria) under microscope
Salmonella (Bacteria) under microscope

He was a stammer

Given birth to by

Poor parents. They lived

In abject poverty.

The abject poverty in

Which they live in

Could not allow the

Marriage to be sustained.

When he was ten

Going to eleven years

Of age, his parents

divorced themselves

His academics was paused

He was sent to

Live with his cousin

Who promised to take care of him

Contrary to expectations the

Cousin could not take

Care of him. For the

Cousin was also poor

And had wished things

Would change for family

But it did not change.

He was at a fix.

He could not endure

What he was passing

Through again and he

Left his cousin’s place

Taken his life in

His hands. Hoping to

Find God’s mercies somewhere,

Someday and somehow

He left for the

Biggest city in the

Land where they said

Opportunities abound to try his luck

He started sleeping in

Uncompleted buildings. There he

Met some people and

He joined their trade.

He became a vendor

Like they are. He

Started combining the work

With laborer to be freed

He hoped to break

The yoke of poverty

On him. What he

Was doing couldn’t change him

Then he wonders, how

People receive favor according

To the movies he

Used to watch. His reasoning

Was that those movies

Were the imaginations of

The “imaginers” they were

Not real as he had thought

For had they been

Real, he ought to have

Met with someone who

Would come to his aid

In this position was

He, couldn’t dream of

Marriage, because cannot feed

Himself, how would he be married

Met he with an

Old woman who has

Been disturbing her daughter

To get married

This woman’s daughter was

Learned an executive in

One of the establishments

In the land.

She on seeing him

Try to know more

About him for his

Character suggests he is humble

After finding out the

Needful about him, decides

To bring him and her

Daughter together peradventure she would like him

They developed affinity for

Each other and started

Seeing. While seeing the

Lady wants him educated

Promised to sponsor his

Education if could be

Married to him. They

Got married and things seem good

However, the man did

Not want his wife to

Sponsor him to school

Because of the cultural beliefs

That husband should be

Providing for the family

In his case he

Cannot for his family.

Friends talked to him

About this, that he

Should consider it miracle

Of God, that he had hoped for

Being married to educated

And blessed lady like

Her is a miracle

None among his peers was that favored

He would not yield

Had to leave home

Because it was bought

By his wife.

Still loved by his

Wife she was still

Sending money to him

To support his work

While not with his

Wife, he got infected

With salmonella thyphi and

Came down with symptoms of typhoid

Would not open up

To wife because he

Did not want to

Go to her for medical assistance

When the pain was

Becoming unbecoming for him

That was when he

Intimated his wife about

His condition. His wife

Rushed to his place

To see him but

It was too late

The damage has been

Done to his systems

Because the bacteria have

Perforated his intestines

Other systems have been

Compromised. He couldn’t stand

It. And would die

Few hours on the hospital bed.



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