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Differences That We Have When We Just Don't Agree

Updated on September 6, 2011

I Say No You Say Yes

Talk to me not at me

Think about what you are saying ?

How much energy and effort do you want to waste ?

When there are two choices to make which one do we decide ?

The one that is best for both of us

Take the time to list your reasons why ?

Think out the outcome of each ?

Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement and fog the issue at hand

There are simple ways to breakdown any problem so a reasonable solution can be found

Without anger and frustration

How many times have we thought I don't have time for this

Our time is precious and each moment is very important to me

We can change our thoughts and then change the outcome almost instantly

I have so many dreams to fulfill and I am side tracked once again

Days like these slow down my progress and sets me back

You are not reaching your true potential and have to be feeling the effects

We are both better than this

We can talk and discuss what the problem is

How silly is it to not to talk when an answer is clear

Just yesterday we were in rare form

Having the time of our lives and enjoying each others company

Why change the things that work so well

The bottom line is we have to reach a compromise

Look at us now

We might as well go into politics and get paid for what we do

Arguing about issues and compromising any practical solution

Lets get back to the basics and use what we know that works the best

Our love for each other that comes with every breath

It is time to take the sadness of your chest

Bury the hatchet deep in the woods for a hunter to find

Who can use it with great skill and talent

See beyond the cloud that blankets our imperfections

Use our strengths to carry us forward

To a new direction one that will make us proud and give us confidence on all new decisions after

So we may learn and have our true talents shine

Feeling free to speak our minds but improving on our own lifes bringing out the best outcome

The consideration for someones elses wishes even though you feel insecure

Trusting someones decision and giving them support

Waiting to see the outcome so we can happily rechoice

In one more celebration

Something we each know how to do very well

As a young woman calls out

Reservations for party of two

A quick pause

Reservations for party of two

I can hear it , can you ?


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