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Poetry By : Ryan C. Beitler

Updated on March 16, 2016

The Blue rose that grew...

My heart has been peeled alive

of all the sweetness sealed like an orange inside.

People can discriminate and lie

when really no one can imitate such rhyme,

nor' the beauty that captivate the eye,

like O' Ryan's belt far off in the sky.

Through the process my pride take a dive

onto paper so there is nowhere for them to hide.

So when I see an urgency to protect

words form a flying V with me around thee,

in case insects find direction to my intersection.

The closer you get the more I perfect

the seed of the only blue rose ever to grow,

for my beauty is known across the globe.

There has never been a Hybrid that I know

my distinct beauty is an impossible task to clone!


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    • profile image

      Jackson 2 years ago

      Great writer! You must be big on hubpages. Do you have any poetry published?