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Different Heavens

Updated on September 26, 2014

Biscuit was a very good bunny. The little girl loved him very much. She washed him and fed him. She gave him lots of kisses.

One day, Biscuit got out of his hut and didn’t come home. The little girl looked and looked, but she couldn’t find him. She knew he was gone forever. Her heart was broken.

The little girl cried and cried. She thought she would always be sad.

Mommy was sad, too, because she also loved Biscuit. She was certain that Biscuit had come to harm.

But Mommy had a secret. She put her arms around the little girl, and told her not to worry.

“Biscuit is safe now,” Mommy said. “He will never be afraid again.”

“But where is he?” the little girl asked. “Where do all the animals go when we can’t see them anymore?”

“They go to a special place created just for them,” said Mommy. “It’s a place called heaven. They are very happy there. And they are always free.”

“Do all the animals go to the same heaven?” the little girl asked, and another tear fell. But then her eyes began to dry.

“Oh, no,” said Mommy. “God loves his creatures so much he made a different heaven for each one.”

The little girl was confused. “But how will animal friends find each other? It might be too big. The animals won't know where to go.” She began to cry again.

Mommy paused for a moment and then took the little girl’s hand. She pressed it to her face and kissed it, holding it like a treasure. “I know you are worried that Biscuit is lonely. But all of his friends know just where to find him. And he has everything he needs. ”

“He has all the carrots and fresh lettuce he could ever eat for the rest of eternity.”

“His hut never needs to be cleaned, and he is never cold.”

“Biscuit had a good life,” Mommy told her. “He is very happy in his heaven.”

The little girl sat up straight, listening carefully. She imagined all the heavens in all of the skies, and she felt a little better.

But she still had some questions.

“What are the other heavens like, the ones for the puppies and the kitty cats, and the ones for people, too?” she asked.

“All the heavens are different,” said Mommy. “But they are all alike. Each heaven is perfect.”

“The puppies run around anytime they want and are never hit by a car.”

“The kitty cats climb all the trees in the yard and never get into trouble.”

“The horses eat sugar cubes every day and never run out. The grass is always green, the water is always fresh, and there are always plenty of crisp apples on the ground.”

“What about the birds?” asked the little girl. “Do they have a heaven?”

“The birds, too,” Mommy said, her eyes shining. “The birds fly straight and strong and never fall to earth.”

“In the heavens, it is always a beautiful day, and the sun is always shining because there is so much happiness.”

“But don’t the people in the heavens get mad at the animals and make them play somewhere else?” asked the little girl.

“Oh, no,” Mommy laughed. “The people have their own special heaven. They are very happy, too.”

Then Mommy leaned over as if to tell a big secret. “But this--this is the most amazing thing,” she said softly. “The animals and people in all of the heavens can see each other all the time. They can hug each other whenever they want. They are never lonely, and no one is ever sad.”

“But how do you know?" The little girl asked. “How do you know for sure--about the different heavens?”

Mommy became still and thought very deeply. Then she smiled, and a great peace came over her. “Because love never dies. It always lives somewhere.”

It was growing late and the little girl was tired. Mommy tucked her in, kissed her forehead, and turned off the light. The glow from the moon came in the window and cast a sweet shadow.

“Mommy?” the little girl whispered. “Do the heavens ever run out of room?”

“No, darling,” said Mommy. “The heavens always have just the right amount of room. They grow and grow forever, just like love.”

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    • LeslieAlex profile imageAUTHOR

      Louisiana Patriot Banner 

      3 years ago from Lafayette, LA

      You are so kind--I just saw your comment. Thank you! Have a beautiful day!

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 

      4 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I hope you put this in book. Voted up.


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