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Rendezvous With Life-Poem

Updated on June 17, 2015

Life is strange and complicated. We don’t always get what we wish for and sometimes we even have to let go of those we really adore. But life doesn’t stop for anyone and sometimes you don’t even get the chance to tell those people how much you love them. It hurts to let go but more often than not we find ourselves at a better place because we moved on. This poem is about a girl struggling with such a situation and what happens when she meets “Life”.


I had a rendezvous with ‘Life’, one dark night,

I was hurt and in pain that I could not fight.

But ‘Life’ was beautiful like it has always been,

Fun and frolic captured within.

Coming towards me, she stretched her hand a little low,

But I was weak and scared, reluctant to let go.

“Life! Give me a chance to say goodbye;

For one last time, in his arms let me cry.”

“It’s time”, Life said, “Just take my hand,

Your story, it was written on sand.”

“Just give me a moment, an hour, a day.

I want him to know and there is so much to say.”

“No need of words, your silence will suffice,

if he really wants to listen; if he is really wise.”

I begged and cursed, “Oh Life, you are so cruel.”

Life held my hand, “You see I am the one who’s real.”

My eyes were brimmed, I could not see.

That life took me exactly where I should be.


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