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Different Views - An Original Poem

Updated on February 13, 2017

Different Views

You see a six and I see a nine

But that doesn’t mean yours is any more right than mine

You see, from where I’m standing is across from you

We see different things out of the same view

I don’t see what you see and you feel the same way

And this will never work if it doesn’t go away

It comes from the bottom of my heart, so I guess the top of yours

On opposite sides of everything, I’m the ceiling and you the floors

How do we stop this since we’re supposed to be in love?

Instead of giving me a kiss, you were giving me a shove

My angel, you were my everything and still are

How is this still happening after we’ve come so far

All we have to do is be on the same side of this wall

I made you a promise that I’d never let you fall

I’ll cross the bridge to the other side

My adoration can not be denied

We used to fly so high but now we can’t try

I don’t get it we were so good together

Were we too immature? Are we still?

Our different views were something I always thought we could get past

But now its like you’re ice and I’m fire, I don’t believe you and you think I’m a liar

Our different views made us fight, it made us cry

Our different views were our downfall but I thought it was okay

Because the truth is, I’d rather be miserable with you than have you not stay

I would die

I would cry

I would lie

All for you

I guess I’m a sucker for pain

Or maybe I’m just in love

It’s a crazy thing because we’re so opposite

We should want nothing to do with each other

You need me I see that now, I should have never given up

We’re hooked on this like a fish on a line

We want it so bad that we won’t let go

Little do we know the more we get reeled in

The closer we are to getting hurt

But even so, if the fisherman threw me back

I’d be on that line again being reeled in

I just can’t get away

There’s a sinking feeling

I have to let go there’s nothing else to do

Don’t they say “If you love someone let them go”?

Don’t they say “Time heals a broken heart”?

Then someone tell me how much time

It has been months since I lost you

Yet I still can’t get out of bed

I’m lost without you, yet I’m so focused

Lost because you’re my everything, but no longer mine

Focused because I have only my view, I can think how I want

I realized a long time ago, however,

The view is much prettier from your side

The view is you, so soft, so gentle, so beautiful

But your view is me, and well, I guess that’s why you left

Its time for me to let go, I know this isn’t news

We’re much to far gone, we just have different views.


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      How very touching and filled with love your poem is. You clearly have a heart of tenderness & wisdom and share your emotions so freely.

      This poem has moved me, Davidos and I felt so sad near the ending. We've all had such moments of pain~~I wish you tomorrows of healing and newness that lead you into a loving embrace of comfort.....

      Welcome to Hubpages. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful work. Peace, Paula