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Digits in Poetry

Updated on June 3, 2015

Tomorrow will come

Days progress and life thus moves

Bracing each day with hope

That maybe this is the day when my dream comes true

Amid the poverty and where chance never comes

Within a pit that seems impossible to get out from

There is only one thing that can let me keep my faith

And that is knowing tomorrow will come

Friends come and friends go

We go through phases and we get to grow

Hearts are broken and they become strong

Promises are made and likewise broken

Happy moments come and are replaced with sad

But even as the tears roll, I will keep my faith

Because I know, tomorrow will come

Enemies will plot their ways

Ill wishers will always have something to say

Storms will rise and winds will blow

People will trample on you and never notice

But even as the day darkens into night

I know it will pay to keep my faith

Because darkness will pass and the light shall come

So I will be hopeful and I will hold on

For I know, tomorrow will come


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