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Dirt Whispers

Updated on October 15, 2011

there you go again with the words unspoken
you look at me and your eyes are desperately pleading
but your brain won’t let them escape your lips
so instead it pours them out later
when you happen upon another of your friends
spreading lies and telling tales
moaning complaints and throwing furtive glances
behind your back to make sure i’m not waiting there
but you’re not good at covering up your steps
and i’m an excellent tracker
the snow will always show your foot falls
and i’ll be there, just waiting to follow them
how many lies have you spun, sitting at that loom
how many truths have twisted through your open mouth
just keep it open so that they can slip right through
it gets enough use that you can keep it like that
but oh where’s the lady in me
let’s go back to fairy tales
don’t you dare prick your finger now
or you’ll fall asleep forever
and i promise you that your prince charming will never find you
because unlike you i can cover up my tracks
and i’ll put you somewhere nice and safe
the dirt doesn’t whisper
only the grass on top of it does


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