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Funny Dirty Facebook Status Quotes

Updated on August 15, 2015

Clever status ideas

Funny Facebook Status

By posting these funny dirty quotes on your Facebook status you will attract everyone's attention on your Timeline. In other words by updating your status with these weird one liner jokes, you will get a lot of likes and funny comments in no time.

Clever and Funny Facebook Status:

  1. My haters and backbiters make so popular on the Facebook.
  2. My status will be single until a beautiful girl proof herself as my princess.
  3. I could barely sleep thinking to myself, what can I do to get my haters mad today?
  4. I always reply to all my haters with kindness back because I was convinced that it would make me to be aware.
  5. Sometimes I feel there are just way too many haters than lovers!
  6. I don’t understand why people get so offended by things that aren't aimed at them in any way at all.
  7. It’s funny as hell when someone can't take responsibility for their own actions and make up things to say about me that has no truth or proof of it.
  8. Office farts = Best kind of humor.
  9. So I know karma is real, because when I was a little girl, a 17 year old kicked me for being in his way. I am now that mans boss.
  10. Gringos are alone with their thoughts and Mexicans are alone with their farts.
  11. Imagine how funny it would be to see farts and the looks on everyone's face?
  12. My farts are so horrible this morning I opened my door to let one out on the interstate. It's like eggs and Iraq!
  13. I like to bottle my ideas so I can dream them later.
  14. It's official. I'm allergic to my colleague Kristy Lee. Every time she comes to our joint, I get the farts.
  15. The journey in a relationship between holdings in your farts until your stomach hurts to poop with the door open is a beautiful thing.
  16. When Karma comes around, I hope your ego burns to the ground.
  17. I just read a bumper sticker saying "I’m only speeding because I really have to poop" haha!
  18. Today I will do research to find out why some farts are hotter than others.
  19. I should never make chili again. I experienced last night that farts could end a marriage!
  20. Don’t hold in your farts because they will run up in your spine and give you devil thoughts.
  21. The world would be a funnier place if we could see farts.
  22. That funny moment when you are laying in bed and your boyfriend farts on you and he says sorry about it but yet he is still asleep.
  23. Our dog has the farts like big farts, big stinky farts, and big stinky room clearing farts.
  24. The worst your farts are the next day determines how good your curry was last night.
  25. You know what I hate more than snakes on a plane? Farts on a plane!
  26. A lonely single guy believes that rainbows and unicorns are made from girl farts.
  27. Some people are so wrapped up in themselves it's unbelievable but Karma had a way of giving people a wake up call.
  28. I let the cat sleep on me and what do I get in return? Tuna farts.
  29. Problems are like farts. Everyone's varies in size and intensity, but they're still farts in the end.
  30. Facebook will you please stop showing me all the dumb photos people. I don't care about a kitten that needs prayers, or the inspirational/irrational photo that was posted by "hicks for life" or "cool bros" or "I love farts".

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    • profile image

      CR7 3 years ago

      Chess is life there's n0 need 4 a dicti0nary

    • profile image

      LoserGirl 3 years ago

      Not bad :D all farty (Y)

    • profile image

      Pradeep Kumar Nayak 4 years ago

      I like funny quotes for my friends