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Disadvantages Of Writing Your Ideas On Paper First Before Transferring Them To Your Computer

Updated on December 26, 2013

Capturing your ideas on your notepad before typing onto your computer or converting to softcopy can be a great way of escaping the writer's block. However, this method of combining the traditional way of writing with the contemporary method has its own down side.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the disadvantages associated with drafting first your ideas before typing them to a softcopy format. After we are also going to share some of the ways you can overcome these disadvantages in order to make the writing interesting.

Repetition of sentences and Ideas in Your drafts.

Sometimes when drafting your ideas on your notepad first, you are also likely to come up with so many unnecessary statements only to help you prepare your mind or to come up the actual expression of your ideas. You may also find yourself repeating the same statements or sentences when you are short of the appropriate words even when you have the idea in your mind. This could also be a result of a writer’s block. You can therefore avoid this by first researching extensively only your topic. You will be able to come up with more vocabularies, diction and various patterns for discussion your ideas.

Illegible words and phrases

Sometimes typing your notepad drafts onto your computer can become boring when the writer is unable to figure out what he wrote or cannot remember what he has written. Some of the words and sentences may not be legible enough the next time you attend to the old drafts.

In drafting your ideas or capturing your ideas, especially when you have the inspiration to write, the writer usually relies on the image of the idea on his mind when writing. The writer might be too focused on the concept on his or her mind that he or she is unable to focus or notice the errors when writing. So many grammatical and spelling errors could be made when drafting ideas on your notepad. Because the writer is much more focused on the idea or image of the idea on his or her mind, he or she tends to focus less on the legibility of the words and sentences. Completely forgetting that the next time he won’t have to rely on the image on his mind but the words in the draft to figure out the.

You should therefore write boldly when drafting your ideas. You can also avoid this by typing your ideas the same day that you capture them.

Read the whole draft to recapture the image of the idea so that you can rely that when typing or transferring your draft to your computer. This should make it easy for you to mentally reconnect the legible words and sentences in order to recapture the forgotten or illegible ideas and sentences. You will able to make out the ideas that could have escaped your memory when you were drafting. This would also help you to refresh your mind on the background idea of the content in order to bring back the inspiration that you will need to derive supplementary ideas as you type the drafted ideas onto your computer.

Read broadly on your topic of discussion as well as other materials unrelated to your topic of discussion. This will equip you with new patterns of expressing your ideas. So when scanning your drafts, you would be able to rewrite or express your ideas in different patterns of thought. You would also be able to derive new ideas from your written drafts as reading other materials grants you a new perspective or outlook on your topic.

Working with old drafts becomes boring when you have new ideas

Typing your drafted ideas onto your computer can also sometimes be boring. Especially when you have developed advance ideas and the draft topic is no that interesting to you. Secondly, when drafting ideas, writers mostly come up with so many unnecessary statements on to draw the idea that they really want to discuss. In other words, not all the ideas or sentences even words in the draft would be found in the final content. Some of these words and sentences that the writer uses in drafting his or her ideas are only to them organize their thoughts. In typing your drafts onto your computer, they could become a real distraction and make tying your ideas boring, as you would have to read all these unnecessary statements before deciding whether to include in your typed content. This could retard the writing process and make the writing really boring. You can avoid this by first reading through your point and underlining the main point or core ideas. You could also simply underline the ideas or sentences in the content that you find interesting and expansible. This should also help you to refresh your mind with interesting or philosophical statements within your drafts and bring back the inspiration once more as well as the mental image to rely on to derive more supplementary ideas. Type and expand the underlined ideas.

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