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Disaster Hurricane by Shonah Milne Melton

Updated on April 25, 2016

Free Poetry by Shonah Milne Melton..... Disaster Hurricane.... description of being caught in a hurricane.... frightful.... terrified...

Suddenly, I heard a strange sort of rumble,

I ran to the window in a frantic stumble.

The clouds had gathered on a winter’s day,

How very unusual for the middle of May.

I jumped back a metre as lightning flashed,

Two cars on the road collided and crashed.

In no time at all, the heavens cried rain,

The disaster that followed, caused havoc and pain.

The breeze that had blown only a while ago,

Became the focus of a calamity show.

Right before my terrified gaze,

A whirlwind created, a shambles, a maize.

Roofs flew off buildings and houses all around,

An explosion! The power line hit the ground.

In a jolting, agonising realisation,

I star witnessed the disaster, the hurricane creation.

The clatter and clangs of windows and doors,

The creaking of the old rotten wooden floors.

The cars tumbling over before my sight,

No beginning, no end, to this twirling fight.

People started to shout, they started to scream,

As the roads became one living stream.

I had to survive, I had to escape,

My house seemed to become a chocolate flake.

All of a sudden ….. DEATHLY calm,

No rain, no screams, no hurricane harm.

Had we entered the devil’s peaceful eye?

Or had this episode now passed us by?

Only time would tell, I began to prepare,

In case we entered the other half hurricane scare!!!

Written by

Shonah Milne Melton


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    • Shonah Milne Melt profile image

      Shonah Milne Melton 23 months ago from George, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thanks Frank. Are you a Poet?

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 23 months ago from Shelton

      a very dramatic poem.. winter in May.. that's not unusual now a days.. good poem my friend.. love the flow..:) Frank