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Updated on November 9, 2009



In the underture
of your swanderlust song
the orcastration
of your fading evol-love,
decrescendos into silence.

Life for me
turns backwhackwards
as your sad similesmile
bends into woodenbyes.

I find soulace
in the memorabyss
that we left in
the chasm of
our departwings
fleeing for the isn'tlands

You seek a sequestioning
for a while to ponderificate
on what a new re-awakenship
might bring your brokkeenning heart,
as you traventure beyond my arms.

While I simpskimply
choose to commisermemorate,
all that's clouded by soorrow
in the stratusfaction
of the sweetblissness
we once knew.




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