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The Best Sites for Discounted eBooks

Updated on April 27, 2014

Where to Find Discounted eBooks?

Finding discounted ebooks is becoming easier and easier these days. This is great because you can get some of the best ebook deals on the best books that will let you read for cheaper than ever before. The cheaper the books, the more you can read. Everyone wins right?

Ebooks can be deeply discounted because the cost of producing the distributing them is so much cheaper than paperback or hard-cover. I've created a list (below) from best to less best of the some of the best sites online. I am open to changes on the list so feel free to write, comment, and criticize. Unfortunately, most of these sites cater to Kindle and Amazon exclusively.


Bookbub is one of the premier in your mailbox services that delivers ebooks right into your mailbox daily. They send only high quality, well written books that everyone who signs up in only the genres you want. Unlike some other services, they send small amount of ebooks to your email to ensure that you only get the best books. You won't be plagued with choices, but will only see the best books available. The books are heavily discounted and you can get them from 50-90% off the list price. They also get many best sellers that are hugely popular. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?

The Fussy Librarian

I honestly think that Bookbub might be the fussiest as they take the lowest amount of submissions. The Fussy Librarian seems to be more open to taking books from everyone and has lower costs for authors so they need to sort through more types of books to find good ones. They also sometimes have higher prices. This is important to realize because higher prices mean you pay more and you are looking for discounted ebooks.

Kindle Nation Daily

Kindle Nation Daily provides you with the latest and greatest ebooks that ere being discounted now. They update a list of $0.99 books daily based on rating. This is a little tough to search through, but it still gives you a good idea of what is out there.

Book Gorilla

Book Gorilla is Kindle Nation Daily's off shoot of Bookbub. It does almost the exact same service, but it gives you more books daily. It can give you anywhere from 12-36 discounted books daily. This is better and worse. More choice is usually better, but makes it harder to get the best of the bunch. Unless you buy them ALL!

eBook Arrow

eBook Arrow offers the same services as the other sites. Daily emails with your preferred genre of discounted ebooks. If you aren't new to the discounted ebooks being delivered to your mailbox, I'd probably say to stick with the others as they are a little more well developed and grown into a well established system.

eReader IQ

This is a great site for choosing your preferences, getting deals on the ebooks you want to read, and also finding new books for a discount. I think this is nice that it varies in its approach from the other models of email only notifications for the books they choose. You get to choose the books you want a deal on. I think this is a really great way to get amazing books.

Although this makes it a little one way since you can't find new authors or new amazing books. I like finding new authors so you need to decide if this is for you.


Although this isn't what you may want, people on Goodreads are always looking for places to give books away. They usually expect a review, but you can find some diamonds in the rough if you play your cards right.

Net Galley/Edelweiss

For the book reviewer hidden in you. You can get free ARC (advance reader copies) from Edelweiss and Net Galley which are great places to find new books. Although they aren't discounted ebooks, they are free ebooks. They are also from well known publishers. These people are looking for reviews and responses in order to become popular.

Bookkaholic Literary Magazine

The reason the list goes from best to worst is because this site doesn't directly give you discounted ebooks. In fact it usually only has giveaways and great ebook suggestions. I think it is worthwhile for you to check out and see if this site is a great resource for finding your next since, you can't always get them for a discount.


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