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Historical romance book and their cover

Updated on August 31, 2013

About romance books and the cover

I am an avid reader of books most specifically historical romance book. I got hooked to romance after reading Mills and Boons and those days Penny Jorden was my favorite; of course, eventually there were so many that I don’t remember the title or the author. But these were the books that caught my imagination about love, life and family. You know those handsome, tall and dark heroes who loves for keeps. That reminds me of Barbara Cartland, the grand dame of romance. The only complaint I had when reading her books was that the heroine were so weak and hero too strong for heroine. Anyways, she had written hundred of books and though I was not much of the fan she wrote about romance when there were not many such writer those days. I am sure the some of the upper crust of the British family were offended by her writings or been amused. Her books were more or less my introduction to historical romance while Mills and Boons books introduced me to romance stories.

I discovered historical romance that came in hundred of pages, with strong characters and story when I discovered Susan Wiggs book "The lord of the night”. I was hooked. Totally. Till then I thought romance came in small thin comic like book that kept one unsatisfied when the book ended within hours of starting of it. Now, Susan Wiggs book got me hooked to historical romance genre in a big way. Discovering Hareliquine historical romance changed the way I viewed a romance book. It came in a thick book with characters that was captivating and story so rich and spellbinding that I simply couldn’t put down the book. I learned about history of the bygone days from these books.

Now, I know most of my friends and family for that matter too find it trashy and thinks it is a waste of time and money and cringe to find that someone they know reads that kind of book. They would rather die than find caught reading it, so when reading one of the trashy books it will be covered with newspaper and read in the toilet or in the bed. Of course the cover shown on the book does not help to change their opinion at all. I do admit that the cover of the books showing hero and heroine in compromising position doesnot help to elevate the romance books from trashy second rated porn book opinion. But the covers apart, it used to amuse me and all it mattered to me was the story.

After almost 7 years of reading romance book, at this turning point of new century, I also cringe to pick up a historical romance book. The cover, the pose and the content is definitely something to cringe with embarrassment and sometimes I just don’t buy the book because of the cover. Oh, lordy, how am I to keep it on my book shelves? And, most book definitely donot have content quality like before. It looks more like a soft porn romance book like mills and boon was often accused of. And if you look at the cover it does look like a porn book for more frustrated readers. I do think that the publishers and the writer might be making money by taking out a trashy book, but I feel sad that it is difficult to find a quality book to read. Something that is engrossing and make you curl up and just read for pleasure. God, what a waste of talent. In fact, it looks like there is no need of a talent to write.

First chapter

An beautiful horny heroine ..blah..blah..having a hard time surviving a on shoe string funds. Enter the hero with dashing looks and an male asset that a heroine faints with a first look….god!! will that fit…!

Second to thirty something chapter…

After a torturous reading and endless detailed description of horny heroine and horny hero slaking their lust, it finally has a horny happy ending.

Now, I have to come to conclusion that there are some writers who write with pure pleasure of writing and there are writers who writes to quench their horny side in a soft porn kinda book. And sad to say there is a definitely a rise on the second kind of a book.

Speaking of covers here are some book covers that I cringe to look at and seriously do they need such covers to sell it? I mean are we the romance reader so dimwitted that we need these kind of covers?

The Art of Covers

Some Books U Might Want to Buy


Is the quality of romance books deteriorating?

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    • mysticalrose profile image

      mysticalrose 8 years ago

      you feel the same way about those covers? thank god for that. I thought I was the only one. :) Serioulsy we have to do something about this.

    • Mrs Hozey profile image

      Mrs Hozey 8 years ago

      I do love a good romance, but it does seem like they're falling by the wayside. It's like they have the same guy on all the covers. I wonder if they really looked that ripped back in the day before Total Fitness gyms. Thanks for the comment on my hub, btw. =)

    • mysticalrose profile image

      mysticalrose 8 years ago

      I know...but the way they are publishing books, it seems like they dont share our view!!!Sometimes, I really wonder, how the book got published...

    • Silver Rose profile image

      Silver Rose 8 years ago from UK

      I agree with much of what you say. I like some historical romances (Georgette Heyer comes to mind), but I don't like it when they introduce modern attitudes into historical novels. If you want to read a sexy novel, pick a contemporary one, and it works as it reflects modern life. People read historical novels because they are entranced by the manners of that era, not because they want a modern romp.