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Discuss A Problem

Updated on December 16, 2015

Finding Solutions We Didn't See

Why does it have to be one way ?

With someone right and someone wrong

What ever happened to working together

I watch t. v. and the news

We are surrounded by problems and disappointments

Everyone pointing the finger

There is no game plan

Short spurts of progress

Long term goals

A win win

We can learn a lot from sports

Hanging in there

Lots of hard work

Practice and more practice

Until we get it right

We have the beauty of technology

Why don't we learn from our past ?

So many people keep making the same mistakes

Could it be lack of communication ?

How crazy is that

In the information age

Are we so selfish ?

I hear the I don't care attitude

From young children to teenagers

What happens when they become adults ?

Living in a world

That's all about me, me,me

We can continue to make a difference

By helping each other

Working together

From the littlest problem

If that works the big problems will follow ?

If we make an effort

We can't help seeing results

What's the worst that can happen

It doesn't work

Then we keep trying until something does

Pooling our knowledge

Making it available for anyone anywhere

Creating the best of the best

Like any smart person would do

We lack will power and time

So many people want a quick fix

Life doesn't work that way and we know it


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