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Updated on December 22, 2015

I feel that people are incredibly dead inside,

They’re hateful, careless, and full of pride.

The things that they feel are dark and hurtful,

They’re cruel, selfish, and abusively verbal.

They resent the joy that others receive,

Envying happiness they themselves can’t achieve.

They’re tainted by the evil polluting mankind,

It’s spreading, festering, and rendering them blind.

They’re unfamiliar with love, truth, and respect,

Seeking only to neglect, reject, and infect.

Why is your heart hardened with loathing?

It’s contagious, spreading, and dispersing.

I can’t understand, nor can I relate,

I wish to contradict, refute, and invalidate.

But the disease is too swift and rapidly spreading,

The direction which the world is heading I’m dreading.

Allow yourself not to fall victim among the sick,

Their vile wickedness will consume you insistently quick.

© 2015 Brianna


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