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Updated on January 24, 2020
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Currently, a "Family Manager" who has a "full time job" of running regular household errands, and making sure that everyone is on track.

Cars waiting in Line




Waking up early to get started for school dismissal,

Yawning, stretching, oh it’s another day,

Rubbing my eyes, dismissing the snoozes,

Think! Think! Think!

Ah, start planning for los ninos before-school drama,

Then my headlight turns up and sees the wall timepiece,

Oh my gosh!!! It’s almost 6 0`clock!!! Let’s get cracking!!!

Take one stone and kill two birds,

Fix breakfast and prepare the kids snack bags,

Observing the second hand go tick tock, tick tock,

Then feed the meowing “Smokey” and “Cleo” their Fancy Feast,

Not to mention impatient Miss Mia barking in her corner

Growling loudly - “Where is my breakfast?” “Where is my treat?

Woof! Woof! Loudly, “me first, me first”. Finally she got hers.

Heading upstairs to get los ninos up and ready,

Turn on the medium beam closet lights, unplug the Cinderella night light,

Softly talking to the sleepy heads, gently pulling blankets away from them,

Mildly increasing the radio volume, then they finally start moving,

Clearing my throat- “Ahem, Ahem”,

Los ninos grumbling under their breath,

Turning slower than a snail to get out of bed,

With sheets cocooning around their feet,

Crawling from the bed, whispering “Good morning mom”,

Getting in the awakening mode with half inch open eyes,

What never happened in a year, happened this morning,

Like a flick of the switch they got dressed, eat and set for school,

Moments later you hear the school bus screeched outside,

Exchange light smacks on the cheeks, they rushed out,

We exchanged goodbyes, see you later.

Finally first shift accomplished – YES!!!

Second shift is about to begin for after school,

Think! Think! Think!

Get these chores started is another beef to pick.

Do I start from the front to the back, roof to the floor?

Maybe I’ll toss a penny – head or tail.

Smokey comes with his smooth grey fur weaving through my feet,

I yield to his desire for a gentle complete massage,

Cleo is nowhere on the scene, but Mia just wags her tail begging,

With jealousy to get her share of the bargain,

Sort the mails, prepare the meals, laundry, dusting and cleaning,

What next - Think! Think! Think!

Planning for los ninos after-school drama,

Setting up their reminders and schedules,

Snack, homework, revision, room chores, prepare for bed,

Then my headlight turns and sees the timepiece,

It’s 12:40 in the p.m. already! Let’s get cracking!

Listening to the radio, finishing up, keeping track of the time,

I think it’s slow down time to brace for after school scuttle,

Then Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

House alarm clock awake from its sleep,

School pick up time is in the swing.

Like a minicab driver doing his regular pickup,

Hoping to do a quick trip with a short spin,

Heading towards the school, glancing at the lengthy car line,

To join other parents and guardians who have to endure a free sun tan,

While the sun sting our skin like a bullet ant,

Seconds after the school administrator knocks the mike,

To make announcements loudly over the intercom,

Then the doors open exiting young scholars and teachers,

Walking and talking gracefully outside the gym’s catwalk,

Calm ones do the stride like a drill,

Few running like wild bees with a thrill to the gym to wait,

Then the Paraprofessionals approach each car with pagers in hand,

Calling out the tag numbers coding for the los ninos to approach,

From the gym the teachers present the children on the gymwalk,

Ready to reunite with parents and guardians,

The motorcade started moving slowly but surely as each receives their child,

And the lines get lesser and lesser as we go our separate ways at 2 p.m.


Rise in the morning to pick up your children after school.

Rise early in the morning, focusing and trying to get the children up and ready for school day. After they have left for school, that is the time to be used wisely either for self or preparation for the children after school. After that, it is time to pick up your children after school and return to focusing on them.

Tips for Safe After-School Dismissal

How to make school dismissal safer?

See results

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Sophia Facey


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