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Nice to Meet You, No Way.

Updated on March 28, 2017

Take 1

What are you waiting for?

I’ve not just arrived,

I’ve been here the whole time,

Waiting for you to come by

To pass by me,

To remind me of it all

Of what love feels and does.

Tell me, have you been waiting too?

Quit waiting then, and

Make sure that no one else comes

To lay claim,

Because they would,

Because they most certainly will.

Take me away,

Before it’s too late

Because I’m lost, indeed,

But in you I’ve found something to renew

I’ve found you and me.

That may well be

All we ever need

To succeed.

and here it goes

and there it comes hitting me again—slapping me directly in the middle of the face—

forehead first,

working its way down to my open chest,

and claiming a heart unknown to true love before,

that’s where it goes, that's where his love lands—before it grasps me by the hand and

leads me home, almost home, nearly there into his own unknown, lovestruck world

where we can ride camels at night,

and drink wine all the time,

well, he will have one beer, just one please,

before the jacks come out to play,

and his cool always remains the same,

that’s my preferred—his damn cool vibe and how it transforms me in a damn cool girl too—

job well done,

job well,

still remains unfinished,

because we aren’t home yet,

because we aren’t nearly there since we just met,

right, i just met my new best friend,

now we go at it again,

until the buttons are loose

and the goose runs out,

and the chains all shatter,

and my voice gets lost in the middle,

right in the middle of the halfway point,

where i lost my soul and you let yours run,

and we found the unknowns

and we hung them to dry and we let ourselves go

and we got lost inside, inside those eyes.

Down to Earth

Done it all before

Won the game before

Owe nothing to the universe

Except having you,

In turn,

You have me, too.





In the, in the


and until…

Our middle

meets an



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    • Jacks A profile image

      Jaclyn Arencibia 3 years ago from Miami

      Thanks Jorge! I do enjoy all pieces, the sad and positive ones. Life's all about learning.

    • profile image

      Jorge N A 3 years ago

      Your poems are beautiful and refreshing, I can tell you write from the heart. I absolutely love them, keep them coming please..............