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Disturbing Melody

Updated on January 24, 2017

I was walking on a solitary street, cold night, everything was quiet, I was incapable of ignoring every thought that my mind was creating, I was getting hectic, full of doubts, as I was walking every single step created another doubt:

-"Why?" one more step.

-"Maybe?", and another one.

-"Where am I?".

I was questioning my own sanity, I stare at the floor wondering whats wrong with me, I stopped walking and lifted my head back up, on the distance I saw a vagabond that was staring at me, his eyes reflected an incredible peace that was enviable, he appeared to be homeless and he donĀ“t even had a penny for food, but I was sure he was in a more peaceful state of mind than I did. By that time I had a well paid job, got a beautiful home, not even the social status that I got was capable of soothing my mind. I was curious, I want to know about him and the secret to his inner peace.

That day I was clearly insane, and normally I wouldn't engage a vagabond in conversation, but my feet were already walking towards him. The vagabond noticed that I was already decided to approach him, but for what reason? I did not even know the answer. When I was close enough to talk to him, he took the initiative and without doubting he said:

- "Whats wrong buddy? Are you not enjoying the music?"

His voice, wow, He could easily be hired as a radio broadcaster, maybe he wasn't talkative enough for somebody to notice his amazing voice. But wait, Music?,the streets were in deep silence, I wasn't hearing anything at all, I thought for a moment that I was getting deaf. He talked again.

-"Yes, that melody is what give me vitality and happiness, every night it starts to play, I just sit here and enjoy it. Your lucky, this music only plays when there is only people on the street with a prodigious mind."

I was still shocked, the street was still in deep silence, I just came to the conclusion that he was hallucinating produced by maybe his lack of food, or maybe he were on drugs. I wasn't interested in talking to him anymore, I just turn my back and decided I just needed to get home. All my doubts were gone, I just realized there exist people in worst conditions that I was, whatever those conditions are. When I was leaving the place behind the vagabond just laughed and said one more thing.

-"Don't you worry my friend, You will hear it, and you will know why I am so happy."

Up to this point I was ignoring everything he was saying and was hoping to arrive home soon.

The next day the thoughts and doubts in my head was getting stronger, I was getting used to them, I was getting ready to go to work, even though I was going insane. I grabbed my briefcase, my documents, drank some coffee, smoked a cigarette, quickly read the newspaper, checking that everything was in order, being the newspaper manager, I was in charge of every single detail in the newspaper is well written and printed, after that, a new job day was waiting for me.

As I arrived to my office, over the desk was a paper, somewhat like a letter, but I ignored it and decided to start with the task on hand, but at that precise moment a voice says:

-"I think you should read that letter before starting to work."

That voice! Its unique tone can be duplicated, broadcaster voice? It was the vagabond's voice! Raising my head to see if it was him, there was nobody in sight, Somehow shocked but curious about the letter I started to read it:

"Dear Manager.

We have been noticing that the quality of your job has decreased considerably, and because I am not the only one aware of that, because the sales of our newspaper has going down, we decided to fire you from your job.

I need your office empty before 8:30 A.M, a person will arrive at that time to replace you.

You will get paid for what you have worked during this month.

Thank you for the 20 years you have worked with us.



Fired?! This wasn't real. A few months ago I was prized because of my excellent management, but now they fire me?! My self esteem was shattered, I just walk out of the office without taking anything, I wasn't conscious of what I was doing, my souls and my mind was lost somewhere outside my body. Nevertheless, I started to drift in the city, walking without a destination, without saying a word, without showing any kind of emotion, like a lost soul in hell.

I walked miles and miles, hours and hours have passed, my sense of direction was completely null. There was deep silence, although surrounding me was a whole city in the habitual daily rush, but nothing could wake me up from this trance. In a moment i just realized the day was over, the cold I was feeling somehow was familiar to me, even the place I was standing really bring out memories to me. Incredibly I knew where I was, It was the same place I found the vagabond last night. When my mind started to be conscious again, I was noticing some thoughts regain power in my mind.

-"Why?" one more step.

-"Maybe?", and another one.

-"Where am I?.......wait a moment, Deja Vu?".

The only thing that was left for me to replicate that night was the vagabond, I immediately looked in the way he was, somehow scared of seeing him again, my breathing was hectic, but fortunately he wasn't there. I regained normal breathing, I watched the place with ease and with every glimpse I was more comfortable being there. There were still some people on the street, I didn't know what time was by that moment, but it was clearly late. When one person left was in the street, and that person got lost in the distance, some strange melody began to play. It was an amazing and soothing song, I was getting happier with every note I heard. Almost hypnotized by it, I realized that the colors of my clothes started to fade, but I just didn't care. I only cared about the melody, I sat in a place, where was exactly the vagabond the last night, I just stayed there,like a zombie hearing that mysterious melody. Sun was rising, reveling that a new day have started, people started to appear where I was, Immediately the song vanished, and again I was conscious, with that I realized my clothes was almost like if they had been abandoned for years, old, torn and dirty. Ashamed of that I run away and went directly to my home, after that, tired by everything I slept all morning.

When I woke up, the thoughts in my head was getting me insane, I was craving for peace, silence, being calm, but all of that was impossible to achieve. Then, I remembered that melody, I was happy when it started to play, I need to hear it again, that night I was decided to go to that place and search for the source of that mysterious melody.

Arriving to that place again, I noticed there were still people on the streets, so I had to wait for everyone to go away, I was pretty excited to hear that song again, determined knew more about it, I sat again in the same place as that night, waiting for the melody to play. When the last person left the street, there it was, I was already happy, joyful, without a single thought in my head that could bother me. I was at peace again. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months in years, I didn't even cared about my clothes, or bothering me to go home, I just stayed there, waiting for every night to hear the melody.

One day, in the middle of the habitual playing, the silhouette of a person could be seen in the distance. I was already habituated by the rules, and if any person was on the street, the melody could not be heard, unless the person was also capable of hearing it. I was curious, who were that person who could hear the melody, he or she was walking in zigzag, almost as if the person were drunk, that person wasn't alright, I decided to shout him a familiar dialogue:

- "Whats wrong buddy? Are you not enjoying the music?"

The music suddenly stopped, I watched myself and my clothes were exactly the same as the vagabond, the silhouette of the person was visible now, the clothes he were wearing was like mine in that night when I encountered the vagabond, I hear some laughs and then he answered me:

-"I told you, you would listen to it......"



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