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A Sailor's Life

Updated on April 11, 2011

Everyday I wake up in mode AUTO, failing to realize that one needs a MOTTO
The day go(es), with amigo and the nights are the sorrow of a scarecrow
"I envy you guys", but hey, read through my blog and feel my feelings getting clogged

Everyday i wake up in the morning with my body so numb, that i can rarely get out of my bed. "What do i do?" I hit the snooze, and the alarm goes off for another half an hour. Then again it sounds but this time i know that if i don't get up, i m going to get a call in 15 minutes. Robotic-ally, i walk through my room to reach for the toothbrush. Applying paste on it, and then trying to shine my teeth to glory. Well, it seems that its not enough and so, I gargle with some mouthwash, just to keep it clean. Wear my safety suit and run for the control room. Thats basically what i do or you may say almost all my fellow sailor's do every morning. No reading the daily newspaper, sipping a cup of coffee or having your breakfast with it.

The day continues with my dailies which includes taking some samples and recording the readings on a sheet of paper. I am then assigned a task(s) which is to be finished on that particular day. Working around the engine room the whole day, i m off duty at around 1700 hours. This is a nice job, working for around 8 hours everyday.

A lot of people ask me "Why are sailor's paid so generously?" and i reply, "Its because we are special!" They give me a weird look and then continue talking on their so called "Important stories of life." What i truly feel is, we are paid so much, so that we can always keep in good health. Never being able to talk to 'real human being', never able to express ourselves is what our lives are about. We tend to get lonely, and resort to reading novels, magazines and playing some computer games. All chat with colleagues is kept professional.

And if you are reading this, you might have a question in your mind, which might go something like this, "You are handsomely paid, roam around the world and after all sailing is an adventure sport. So what are you whining so much about?" Well, If i give you 6 months of sailing, with 12 hours of ship stay on say 10 ports and ask you to work for me. You would surely say "YES, I would love to!" You would have just not realized that within the 12 hours of ship stay you would be working for 8 hours, then would you want to go out exploring, or stay onboard and relax so that you can work the next day. 

Its good to be a sailor, but its bad to be lonely!!!


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