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Diving Right In

Updated on December 29, 2013

No Time To Waste

You can fill pity or sad

It will just bring you and your friends down

Even make them quite mad

When today isn't what you expected or even wanted

Feeling down in the dumps

Wondering why you feel like a cartoon character

Taking your lumps

I keep trying to forget all that stuff

I will keep fighting with every last breath

Now that we got that off our chest

Thinking some happy thoughts

Look out your window

What do you see ?


Beautiful as it can be

Five to nine inches of snow on the way

After heavy rains tonight

This is winter and winter storm warnings are common

Preparing for a storm like everyone else

We can find so many things that have real meaning

Turn on the radio and listen to music

Look to our love ones for comfort and support

Watching the birds out the window scatter

My cats tail flipping back and forth

Eager looking through the sliding glass door waiting to attack

As my wife cooks

I just try to keep focused

Finding the good where ever it can be found

Saying I love you

Changes my mood from desperate to giving

Loudly I can hear her

What am I missing here

My wife rereading a recipe

Looking for the answer

Having her own troubles trying to read the orange can of pumpkin pura

The print blends in even with her glasses on

Let me see

She is right

They should of printed it in white

How can older people read this information

What were they thinking ?

Car ads and local sad news on the radio

I keep reminding myself other people have hard times

Hopefully they will find a way

To bring out their best

Going to work a little later

A song comes on the radio

It's a great day to be alive

Why can't every day be just as good

My wife says the pie is in the oven

We are slowly going in the right direction

Now she is making lunch for later

Our cat wild as she gallops across the kitchen

I stare out into the sky

Now it looks like rain

Off to another day

Doing what I do best

Bringing life front and center

In words and on paper


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