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Divorced From The band That Smothers.

Updated on March 2, 2010

Divorced from the band that smothers!

Promise and premise

remain but one "O"

away from being something

entirely separated

from what each believed....

and the encircling band

of precious metal tarnishes

the soul even as it gleams on,

and to cast off the noose

that strangulates the

third finger from the soul

is to allow it to become

24 carat peace melted

into a long awaited release.



Rest -or -ration reworked

To simply brush off the past,
in underlying tones
of pastel peace,
and repaint the present
with a brighter future to come,
to scrape the layers of those
long dried oils of passion
from the canvas of your life,
with a fresh coat of gesso
applied to add mystery
to your blank face
as you finger paint a new smile
on the surface of your lips
awaiting anothers more creative touches
unhampered by the grips of despair.



Opposites are often quite similiar.

A man living

in a cardboard box

is always looking for

a good place to crap

and a man living in

a place full of crap

is always looking for

a good cardboard box.




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