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Poem- Zbrgxdbsydi (Glitch)

Updated on July 21, 2014

Zbrgxdbsydi (Glitch)

In case you're confused about the title of the poem, 
Its because the title is supposed to be unreadable

The unofficial title is Glitch so you can just refer to it as that.

July 12th, 2009

Oh Gate of Fate
Why do you torture me so?
My heart is overwhelmed
My soul is gonna blow

My emotions are haywire
My feelings amuck
My soul is ricocheted
I'm all out of luck

I can't explain this spell
I can't explain this power
I'm scared it's not love
But every look I Cower

What could this feeling be
What the heck is wrong
It's like my spirit is thrashed about
Like a Ping Pong

Bounced around
Every which way
My being is twirled silly
Each and every day

I avoid thoughts of you
But it hurts to do that
I dodge pics of you
I lose each combat

All this emotion is tough
A battle Within Me
Is this for real?
Is this my destiny?

Is this the truth?
Can I trust this feeling?
Can I get back the time
That this girl is stealing?
It's like being lost in a maze
That I don't want to get out
If I could have a wish
It's her I'd wish about

This isn't logical
It doesn't make sense
And yet I'm captivated
And spiritually tense

Is something going to happen
I desire it, I know
But where do I start
And where do I go

What if she doesn't accept me?
What if my feelings mean null?
Could I take the rejection?
Would my heart become dull?

What if the words I say, 
Is silence instead?
My thoughts empty out
With only her in my head

I can't find the words to speak
I can barely say hello
I feel like I'm on a cliff
With an endless ocean below

The unexplainable corrupts me
It's power digs deep
I have to say something
I have to make this leap

But how terrified I am
I'm so paralyzed
Was completely infatuated
Before I realized

And so now I'm stuck
Wanting to just talk
Wanting to see you
But I can't walk the walk

Never been so nervous
Never felt like this
Never has my mind
Blanked out in bliss

So I accept my loss
This battle I can't win
No matter how deep
I guess I'll dive in

Endless ocean
Future unknown
I guess I'll just follow
You alone

I am overwhelmed
Beginning to twitch
You Got my feelings in chaos
And my mind’s in a glitch

-Johnathan David- 

© 2009 Johnathan David


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    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 5 years ago

      Thank You Miranda. That means a lot.

    • profile image

      Miranda 5 years ago

      I loved your first poem, as I do this one. Both are beautiful, you have a way with words. Lovely Hub:)