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Do I Feel Lucky ?

Updated on July 28, 2012

You Tell Me

I woke up a little after five

I wonder what it was that took me out of my dream state

I only got four hours sleep

That is below my average between five and seven

Well rested and ready to go

Like a little beaver ready to build a dam

I went in the refridgerator to finish up the old milk

It expired yesterday

You think it is still good ?

I was taught not to waste

So I gave it the sniff test

It smells o.k.

Now i give it a look test

i pour it in a separate glass

Just incase it is sour or bad

I don't have to throw out my cereal too

So it is not curdling yet

Maybe soon

Pouring it into my cereal

Down the hatch with the rest of my food

I like to live on the edge and sometimes I cross over

I better look both ways

If I forget to look

The penalty can be naseau and vomiting

Or just a bit queezy and a little bit sickly

So far no sign of none of these

So on to my next challange

I am going out in the yard to weed

Sometimes poison ivy is mixed in

My neighbor tells me so

I try to wear gloves and move fast as if it matters

I hate to scratch and watch my body turn red

I turn into a burning bush and every part itches including my t-------h

Now that won't be smart and I will pay for that one dearly

So clearly if you want to have some fun

There must be another way

Slow torchure and accupuncture might be a better option

But for now we see where this day leads

I am hoping to a whole new world filled with ruby and diamonds

Then I can share my wealth for all those who are in a bind

Need a helping hand or just can't get ahead

No matter how hard you try

But this may not happen just yet

Some say I will be rich when pigs fly


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      shara63 I must be doing better.I hear a jingle in my pocket.No wrong again just my keys.Back to the drawing board learning how to make more money.People say being rich isn't everything.I am sure it's no picnic but think of all the ways you can give your wealth away if money gets in your way.Then start from srcatch and you tell me which way is better.Thanx for the read and hope all is well and all your dreams start and finish with love and prosperity.

    • shara63 profile image

      Farhat 5 years ago from Delhi

      'when pigs fly'...the politicins way of assurance!

      wonderful DO!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      kj force What can I say I live a sheltered life.You have the jump on me once again.I see a whole in the wall you see a window.Picklesandrufus Well I am three for three.It is so nice to see other people who are just like me.Now it is time to expand our mind and go as deep and far back as we possibly can.I wonder what images you will see ?I tried to do it and I fell asleep so much for going back far into my memory.(lol)Thanx so much for both reading one of my writings.I hope your day is special and very exciting.

    • picklesandrufus profile image

      picklesandrufus 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

      I can relate! I drink out of date milk unless it has gone bad(not hard to figure out), just getting rid of poison oak because I didn't wear gloves in my garden and have a "when pigs fly" painting on my wall.

    • kj force profile image

      kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

      Dream On call living on the edge, drinking expired milk ? remember sour milk is cottage basically you just upped the "milk" far as the poison ivy,why pull it out..just let it grow and it will choke all the other weeds, saving you time and $..

      sorry I couldn't commenting on your " Lucky Day"...cute poem..your tush ?

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      Mhatter99 It is a big world out there..They get to do something fun and different.You just never know.Thanx for reading and sharing many good thoughts.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Why would a pig want to fly? think about it.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      b.Malin If we can laugh at ourselves first than others can laugh at themselves too.We all make mistakes and learn little by little.So much fun in sharing even though it pays to be less daring.I get more satisfaction when I laugh it off and move on to something more fun.Thanx for joining me on my journey.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 5 years ago

      This was a Fun, Interesting, as well as a Practical read, "Dream on". I could certainly relate...Left me smiling... and really, isn't that what life should be about!