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a poem

Updated on July 14, 2009


Do I love you ?

I myself do not know.

I keep on asking myself, is it possible for me to love you.

If loving you means that I should dote on you,

Then no, I do not love you.

If loving you means that I fawn over you,

No, definitely I do not love you.

If loving you means that I should help you

In ways which I deem improper,

Or help you out of tight holes,

Into which you have gotten yourself,

Or patting you on the back and lauding you

Even when I know what you have done is wrong,

Then no, I have ceased to love you far back.


If true love for you means

I have to sacrifice all my wishes,

All my dreams, my well-rooted ambitions,

All that I have strived for, all that I craved for,

All that I live for,

Then nee, no love exists in my heart for you.

If my love for you

Were to be such that

I should hold you close to me forever.

And never let anyone else near

Then sorry to say, I have never loved you.

I would never stifle you with my love,

Or with my never-ending grumbles,

But live a life of my own,

And let you live life your own way.

But I would be there for you

Each and every moment you needed me

As a comfort, as a confidant,

As a source of peace and calm.

If I could help relieve your fears,

Or soothe your mind of strain,

I would indeed think

That I loved you with all my heart.



But if for you,

Love is none of this,

Then let me say the truth, my dear,

I never have and will never love you.

Indeed, it is said,

Love is not looking at each other,

But tis looking the same way.

Hence when our thoughts lie in concord,

And when we are not at odds,

And when we feel we both are free,

Me living my own life without having to answer to thee,

And you too doing the same with your time,

Giving me time only when you have the time,

And still we be together in times of stress,

Not blinded by each other’s love,

Or trying to be one above,

But trying to be a help, a friend in need,

Bound to each other by the ties of love,

Of friendship, of companionship,

Of happiness galore.

Then I say you love me and I you.

If you can love the poorest beggar on the street,

With all the love you have for me, my sweet,

Then indeed I can say I love you,

And sweet shall the sound be to my ears,

If likewise you tell me ‘I love you.’





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    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      Aw thast was a nice poem for a Tuesday morning..... thanks a lot xxxx