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Do Not Ignore The Clouds in The Sky or The Purse in Your Pocket

Updated on June 25, 2014

Making the best of a morning

Refreshing and fulfilling if one finds the time for tea
Refreshing and fulfilling if one finds the time for tea | Source

Nothing is more relaxing than tea

The deep seas resounded

In my memories

All coming closer

With bread and pea curries

Merging clouds in skies depended

On squalls and flurries

Making the most of a pleasant day

It was a warm and pleasant afternoon and my mind was intent on finding ways of making my way home. The subway was running packed and there were no cabs insight. Moreover I could not afford it. It was then I saw my old friend Brimshaw with his colleague moving towards their car, an old yellow Morris Beatle. They were understandably arguing about the weather, they were reporters. They could never decide who was right about what.

Pleasant encounters with destiny

Intent on finding salvation, I turned around to make my way back on the sidewalk, only to find my way blocked. It was my landlord. I was behind in my rent payment and he was behind me. Before he could talk or say something, I smiled politely and dodged but he swiftly blocked my path. I put my hand in my pocket and he looked bemused. "Oh, the old trick again I see!" I had escaped from my flat in this same manner. He thought that I was getting out money and waited and so was not agile enough to catch me.

Fall into the elephant pit

I pulled out my magazine, it was yesterday's but there was a notice in it for new lodgers in the same apartments where I was staying. I pointed it out to him. "Did you do that?” I asked him. Of course, he was aghast. It could never be! I knew that by now Brimshaw was away. Therefore, the best thing now could of course be to hitch ride on the landlord's cart. I had ringed a couple of empty flats that had caught my fancy though I knew I would not be moving in the near future.

Exchanging pleasantries

He used to bring his cart to buy vegetables and supplies of the kitchen. Two sprightly horses pulled the dainty thing and there was ample room for at least six people in the cart. Not wishing to be offensive, I smile again. It was perhaps a mistake. "And what are you planning now, you little thief?” his voice rose above the sound of traffic.

Paradise lost

I started to stutter, “No, no. It was nothing." He stepped onto his cart and turned to the driver. "Take her away," and they were off. I was by now thoroughly defeated. I decided to wait in a small cafe, drinking tea, until the crowd had departed. Small things, like possibility of rain, could change the complexion of a day.

Street Cafe

Leave everything and follow me

It was not my devotion but oversight. When I left my apartment, there were clouds in the winter sky and I thought that I should perhaps, change into something that would stand up to the weather. It was then that it happened. I changed my clothes and forgot my wallet there in my back pocket. And now here I was with a cup of coffee in my hands.

Case of the missing paper

I had my regular pass to travel by train of course, but the tea stall owner needed something more material, like money. I looked around quietly. I searched in my pockets. I then decided to smile. I felt like crying. The tea stall owner noticed my smile. He had a problem that he was trying to solve for along time. His magazines kept disappearing and he had found a way to catch his thief.

Plot deepens

He put the previous day’s paper on the counter from which the papers were being stolen. I did not know his problem other wise I would not have pulled out the paper that was there in my pocket. I could not believe my luck when he began to smile back at me. And while we were smiling at each other, in walked a policeman.

My cup runneth over – so smile

I knew that the kettle was boiling but it did not have the tealeaves – or the milk, for that matter. I had almost drained my cup and I was trying to make it last for another ten minutes. I was so agitated that I did not notice the policeman addressing me. I looked up from my tea cup. There was my old friend form school Humple. I have never seen him beneath a police cap of course. He was smiling. The tea stall owner was smiling. I had stopped smiling. Now, I saw that it was my friend I began to smile again. The stall owner began to stop smiling.

We have apple trees and then some more

You don't have to look very far
You don't have to look very far | Source

Climax and more

There was a lot of noise because the stall was very close to the road. "Hello!" the stall owner cried. "Hello!" we both shouted. We stopped and looked at each other trying to find out who was addressing whom and which was more important. Of course, the affair sorted out in a natural way. The stall owner grabbed my paper and Humple grabbed the owner. Of course, he was a regular at the stall, but when someone grabs one of friends, you want to do something.

The fruit falls beneath the tree

This ring-a-ring-a-roses sequence could have got out of hand. Humple took over and I showed that ad in the newspaper, which I had circled. The stall owner never circled anything except when he was trying to corner the hen in his back yard. Humple had received his promotion that week and was only too glad to pay for my tea. He added a couple of biscuits too and we rode home in his police car.


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    • snerfu profile image

      Vivian Sudhir 4 years ago from Madurai, India

      Thanks a bunch dreamseeker2. I see you are busy with the poems. I try to keep up with them. All the best. Keep writing more.

    • profile image

      dreamseeker2 4 years ago

      Interesting turn of events. I was holding my breath, waiting there with you for things to get better. : ) Voted this one up!